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    It's Generals 2!

    ^ So am I.
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    RA3 Issue with Nvidia Optimus?

    ok, so i figured some things while looking through some forums, but was too busy to come back here and post cuz havin so much fun one thing is for sure though, its a bug in the Nvidia Optimus software, specifically affecting laptops. so here are a few solutions that might work: (a) set your GPU as the default gfx adapter (at the cost of higher power consumption in idle/desktop mode) (b ) use the "extended desktop" feature with the secondary monitor set to the GPU (this fools the system into believing it is running on the default but does not apparently work all the time) (c ) right click on the exe of the game and select "run through high performance Nvidia processer" (but you will have to do that every time you play it) Hope this helps anyone having the same problem.
  3. hellfire12345

    RA3 Issue with Nvidia Optimus?

    Im using a Dell XPS 15 (L501X), has Intel Core i5 2.53 GHz, 4GB RAM, windows 7 64-bit and Nvidia 420M GPU... basically when im not playing a game or doing a graphics intensive acitivity, the GPU shuts down to conserve power, and the integrated graphics chipset kicks in...as soon as I turn on some graphics intensive application like starcraft 2, the GPU becomes active the problem is that in the case of RA3 Uprising, that doesnt happen and it tries to run the game on the integrated graphics instead of the GPU. Also when i look at the GPU activity meter, it doenot show any GPU usage which confirms this....ive tried a few workarounds on the internet but they dont seem to work
  4. Hi, just got RA3/uprising off steam but the problem is it fails to run on my dedicated Nvidia 420M GPU and instead runs on the integrated intel gfx.i have added the executable file (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Command and Conquer Red Alert 3 Uprising\ra3ep1) to the nvidia whitelist but still its running on the integrated graphics. My laptop is a Dell XPS L501x and nvidia driver version is 275.33 (runs starcraft 2 flawlessly) ...HELP ME PLEASE! ps: big fan of all c&c and longtime reader of cncnz