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  1. Just because it's a browser game, doesn't mean that it requires less effort and conceptual work.
  2. Tiberian Genesis

    Damn, compared to most modifications, this stuff looks really professional. I am curious: is wear-and-tear going to be added to the textures? I'm asking because at the moment the models look great, but too clean to be actual combat gear.
  3. Polish localisation of C&C 95

    Since I've noticed this thread, I've been wondering: are you looking for a subtitles script proofreader? Also, a few things bother me in the translation, hope you wouldn't mind me sharing them? EDIT: Ah, what the hell. Mind you, I'm working on an ancient version of the files: Minigunner - Strzelec (fizylier is an antiquated term, jarring when used in context of GDI). Bazooka - Rakietowiec (common name for a soldier serving in Rocket Artillery) Flamethrower infantry - Miotacz ognia (Miotacz ognia is a noun that can both refer to a flamethrower and its operator; Ogniomistrz is also an artillery serviceman rank's that doesn't have anything to do with flames) Chemical warrior - Miotacz chemii Watchtower - Strażnica (again, Baszta is a VERY antiquated term) Also, consistency is important. If I recall correctly Polish grammar rules, you don't translate codenames etc., which means Apache and ORCA shouldn't be translated. Also, have you considered translating APC as simply BWP (Bojowy Wóz Piechoty)? Granted, the M113 isn't an actual IFV, but it could look a bit prettier.