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    Looking for Testers

    Whoever will do new update, AlexB or Hyper - i beg you please dont forget about paranoid mode/future! Thank you.
  2. mrgreenno1

    Looking for Testers

    2 AlexB -=Paranoid mode=- I like to play RA1: aftermath vs AI. If paranoid=yes (in rules.ini) than if one of AI dies than other AI's continue togather against me(if there was 8 AI then 7 will play together against you ). and that was extremely cool! i have time to build up base and than once they ally they did huge attacks like hundrets of units etc... but now in ver 3.03 paranoid is not working like it is in 2.00 =( AI always fight each other and they almost do not attack me - and that really sucks =( i know that westwood fixed some futures in RA95.EXE ver 3.03 some of the futures that soppose to be in rules.ini. I play ver 2.00 now but it has a lot of bugs so 3 out of 4 times game stucks at random moments =( ver 3.03 working fine but i see no point to play in that version at all. I dont want to play vs human, cose If i play like RA super skiller than beauty of the game is dissappearing for me.
  3. mrgreenno1

    Looking for Testers

    hi. 1. if i add to arda.ini [Video] Width=1024 Height=768 Adjust=yes trying to start the game via launcher.exe i have got an error: cant set video mode. if adjust=no then game starts but once im in game game stucks. 2. please fix paranoid mode! in 3.03 they have made something to ra95.exe and paranoid=yes(in rules.ini) is not working anymore =(