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    1.06c development topic

    Hey First up, Thank you Nyerguds for doing this patch- it's awesome and let me relive something i haven't done in over a decade I ran into only one glitch, so i'd say this is really round- and well done. Also, being a really novice programmer, I'm a bit jealous. But hats off to you for this. That one glitch I found is that if you do a "skirmish" via network game with just YOURSELF and of course those lovely AI :snicker: - if you pause it- suddenly the AI move at hyperspeed- I'm guessing that suddenly the clockcycles become their minutes- because you can unpause after ONE SECOND and they will have built and launched and attacked your forces in that time well, the whole game jumps superfast if you pause it there. Which I guess isn't too odd- since network games can't pause- Just wish it continued to think that one second = one second, even for the AI, not One second paused = 5 mins or 10 mins or so passed for the AI. lol, that's not really important- after all this game didn't even come with a skirmish mode so.. Other than that, i have trouble dragging and selecting(the box takes a sec to appear, and I have trouble selecting units at times-Tried lowering the resolution to 800 X 600 and it helped the gameplay go smoother- but I still have the selection issues).Someone else i know installed 1.06 over his TFD copy of Tib Dawn(I just grabbed the no-cd files to get the game, was too lazy to pull out TFD or the original game...perhaps I should) - is not having the issues of selecting units when he clicks to drag a selection box to select multiple units. I have this random wild guess that if I mess with the graphics more(I wouldn't know in what way) or maybe Ddraw(no clue how i'd do it)...it might improve things...or I might brick the game xD --------- Now if only in RA someone could make a ...I think it's called a "paranoid AI" option for Red Alert so the AI DONT GANG JUMP YOU once you 1. Ally with a AI for giggles in Skirmish 2. Kill any One AI( or let the AI fight and eventually one dies, then they all become best buds and dont attack each other) EDIT: Ignore this, 3.03 might have fixed it and i might be remembering back to the old RA /random rant ----------------------- Ignoring all that, what I really enjoy is that this works on my Win 7 64 bit machine without problems- and that I can LAN battle someone on XP or Vista with no probs- I KNOW it wouldn't be as easy as just installing everything, if i'd loaded up CNC Tib Dawn from TFD or the original CNC95 disk. Thank you -------Zapon
  2. First, thx for the reply. This site looked practically dead Hm...If you have to go through that, then it ISNT "monkey work" after all. I laughed at the second thing-ages ago I'd beaten CNC95 multiple times without cheats. I wouldn't say you can't cheat- but ....it's not cost effective, lets say. LOL, after "Winning without cheats" for years( ), I wondered if it was easy to do, since I'd seen it .... - - -Im a little surprised that it isn't more easily accessible - but then again a LOT of stuff ...is hardcoded, and seems impossible to access :/ I wonder how cheatengine does it. "through hacks" - ...technically editing practically anything is a hack, no? Like What tech tree/buildable units setting etc/(which I think I've read is super easy- and is not hardcoded) ------------------ Any answers on the second bit about editing units through XCC? Seems there's not a lot of interchangability between these editors..
  3. So, Years ago(it's gone now, I've looked), I came across a youtube video of someone playing CNC95- but their Ion Cannon was ready every other second or So. I'd asked how they did it, and I think they directed me at the time to "Go get tibedit(I think) and chagne the setting- it's monkey-work easy"- or something like that Fast forward to right NOW- after suddenly disovering the 1.06 patch from Nyerguds(who rules) and rejoicing at being able to play on a WIn 7 64-bit computer- I decided"Why don't I go ahead and fulfill my ages old dream?" What I want to see if I can do is edit the Superweapon recharge times in CNC95. Now, for all I know(it'd be my luck)- weapon values aren't editable as of now- What I've done- I grabbed the XCC utilities pack and went through the files with XCC mixer, but didn't see anything superweapon related in the rules.ini in the XCC window, so I extracted it somewhere, opened it up= nope, same stuff as always. Went hunting through most of the game files -couldn't find anything about weapons at all. Funny, I'd heard it was really easy to edit recharge times... Must have been way older editors i'd have heard about in the past, or mayb I was thinking of newer games like Generals, I dunno. Grabbed Tibedit - I really can't find ANYTHING(However, I note that Tibedit just pulls up the ability to edit units -Surely I can do that with XCC mixer????? When I was bworsing with XCC, I could not , figure out how to edit units options like Tibedit seems to do. And I've seen a lot of hate towards Tibedit from modders saying you can learn easily by using XCC.) I've searched the web, and aside from finding one topic on this site talking about weapons and hex numbers- As far as the original Commadn and conquer goes, there is no detail on editing superweapon data(For this particular CNC). I know on some sites like I think gamespot/faqs there's mods floating around regarding CNC95 Superweapons, but is there any way for me to find this using XCC mixer? Then again, apparently I can't even figure out where the unit files are for editing individual units, using XCC mixer. I am a ...really noob/entry level programmer(really , really, noob level) so I feel like a idiot for not being able to "figure it out" if it's so easy, and everyone and their grandmother can do it. Well, that's why I just registered here to see what I can learn. I am aware the weapon's data might be hardcoded into the game like a lot of stuff is- and that might include Superweapons.. And if so, I suspect it's nowhere near as simple to just open XCC and open a file or two and bam - some setting with recharge times pops up, lets me set the time to something different, then open say a campaign mission and "ion Cannon Ready" ... -perhaps ...too much effort by far to pursue. -------Longtime CNC player who's literally just grabbed XCC and is new to this.