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  1. Note: I'm talking entirely CnC3, TibEd 2 Is there a way using TibEd 2 to create entirely new LogicCommands? I'm tired of having to sacrifice the functionality of other commands to implement something (Example; Giving NOD the ability to build GDI tiberium silo's, taking away their ability to build NOD silo's, and then using the now abandoned NOD silo command to give all factions the ability to build EMP Control centers). Even if it's annoying, or if I have to use some dodgy build, I don't care. I'd just very much like this functionality. Being able to add/duplicate new units, weapontemplates, commandsets, specialpowertemplates would be nice too (in that order! ^^). If this isn't available at the moment, would it be possible to get an update that allows it? I love using TibEd, after doing so i can't stand using the released SDK on its own :3