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  1. Any links to progress or updates? Just curious. I love watching updates for these old gems.
  2. Wow man, I didn't expect such a personal response, but that's pretty cool I started some basic meditation and found I was much more productive, I should really get back into it. It was great first thing in the morning, it kept me focused more through the day. Yea tell me about it man, I'm still working on mine!
  3. But understandable. What are you working on these days anyway?
  4. Any chance of implementing the indestructible ore option since you stumbled across it not long ago?
  5. Can someone test if the small infantry option and DOS sidebar option works in the latest release?
  6. First time running it, the installer seems to freeze/stop when unpacking playerID.7z If I exit however, I can manually unpack it (and the remaining .7z's) and run the game fine.
  7. 1.8GHz Dual Core, 8gig RAM, wine 1.4.1, Ubunutu 13.10 Ok well i've narrowed the issue to the background image. If I disable it and use the default plain red one, it runs pretty smooth, which is acceptable to me I guess the only request I would have for Funky is to have an option for the older red background with the lines running criss crossed, like in the ingame skirmish menu itself. I think it was in the release before the background image update
  8. Will you consider releasing a 'basic' version of the launcher? Turning the transparency off takes ages to apply and it still runs really slow on wine
  9. I enabled Ore = yes, for all weapons, and nothing seemed to change. I can't target ore or gems and force fire is still disabled. I disabled it for the nuke, thinking perhaps it was an override to allow you to fire the nuke superweapon at units in an ore field, but didn't seem to change anything either - you can launch nukes at ore fields with or without the option. Interestingly I can't seem to see nukes or nuke trucks destroying ore in skirmish though, even when I change those options. Nuke trucks defiantly clear ore in campaign though... Don't worry, its nothing urgent, but glad a fix is easy enough. Maybe some time implementing TS will do you some good now that the RA puns are rolling out
  10. I was being a massive herp derp. The exe for the ore changes ran just fine. I adjusted OreTruckRate = 2 in rules.ini and it was the best AI skirmish i've ever had. This is about half an hour in, just fannying about and testing. AI is still mining ore and pumping out units. IMHO the only other factor affecting ore fields are battles fought on them, which shreds them in no time. In the warheads section in rules.ini, there is an option for damage against ore, which states it is default at 'no'. No weapon warheads actually have the Ore = 'yes' tag, yet nearly every explosive weapon in the game destroys ore - which I also find odd, because ore is rock, essentially. Personally I think this could be an ancient overlooked bug, and if fixed, along with the other changes would finally eliminate the ore economy issue on older 'normal' maps. EDIT: Nuke warhead has Ore = yes, but oddly (haven't tested) I can't seem to remember nukes damaging ore in particular.. Do you have a link? The savegame crashes the game with the ore patch exe.
  11. Here is the savegame. I haven't tried playing straight through to mission 3 yet. SAVEGAME.001.zip
  12. Dunno how when running the full installer it just launches wine and everything is handled easily. The EXE, even in the directory seems to do nothing when launched with wine. As for the ant mission, just played through to mission two, saved near the end and quit. Loaded the save later and as soon as I kill the last bridge, immediately the unable to read scenario pops up. Interestingly, the tool bar at the top is loaded and a new music track is played, but i have to kill wine to exit.
  13. That would be awesome if you shared the files and Iran could implement them Also, mission 3 of the ant missions reads 'unable to load scenario'. EDIT: Also not sure if known, but if playing soviets you capture an allied CY and build an allied tech centre before you build a soviet tech centre, all allied and soviet tech centre stuff will become available. EDIT2: Also Iran, I wasn't able to test the ore EXE because i can't run it on linux :/
  14. I also found a small bug in the second ant mission. When you destroy the barrels killing the trucks near the ant hill in the SE (you have to force fire) the anti bug flares/gas that appear have no effect on the ants.
  15. Hey Bullet, I checked your PPM thread and your screenshots caught my eye. In particular, the list you gave was interesting to me as a PSX retaliation player myself. Would you perhaps be willing to collaborate with Iran so he could implement those files into his launcher options? I think people would love the 'PSX' options to go along with the 'DOS' mod and 'Beta' graphics. I would LOVE the PSX house colours personally, the neon green and the violet blue <3 Also, did you change the ore silo in your mod? The PC DOS one looks like as opposed to the PSX I never noticed the air field flag wasn't animated before