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  1. Several people with firefox, including me have tried it and not had any problems (across win7, MacOS Lion and Ubuntu) ... This might be some kind of quirky graphic driver/card issue, however I have no way of replicating the problem on my machine.. Can you try the game out on Google Chrome for your OS and see if the problem still occurs...
  2. It works on other browsers and os's... So this is specific to to IceWeasel... You might need to report it on their bugtracker and see if they can point out a patch, or give me feedback on what I need to do different.... The MCV bug is something I can definitely patch
  3. I guess I have to be resigned to keeping my version close to the original but never being able to recreate the original game exactly... I'll see about tweaking the nuke to use different damage and warheads for single player and multiplayer... That should be good enough for now
  4. Yes.. I export it from XCC and use a color lookup to mark tiles as un-passable... I'll take a look at your tilesets.ini file...
  5. I've definitely done a lot of optimization to improve the game performance... Glad it's noticable Oh ok.... That's a relatively simple fix then... Will get to it I recreate maps using my own custom built code that converts the ini files to a JavsScript format that I can use.... I still have to do a lot of work to translate the triggers though... In fact the triggers are the reason I haven't converted all the single player maps yet... It's a lot of work My to do list includes this list of differences (http://www.adityaravishankar.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=18&p=60#p60) and adding a few NEW features 1. Team Death match, Cooperative Single Player and Capture the Flag modes for multiplayer 2. AI Skirmish Mode (though I have to write this from scratch, so it feels a little difficult right now...) 3. Multiplayer "spectating games" A few other hard-core players have been giving me feedback like http://www.adityaravishankar.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=18&p=60#p60 .... So I do have decent list of corrections to work towards in the short term.... It seems a little sad, to remove my nice movement/ai code and put the slightly awkward code from original C&C, but I might end up having to do just that sometime in the near future As I said before, this is a work in progress..
  6. Apart from the flash, there is also a series of smaller explosions....Something like frag1 ... Seems to occur randomly within a 5x5 grid.... I couldn't figure out the right way to recreate them and make them look nice... Also, can you confirm the damage and spread values for the nuke for C&C-1? I think my spread is too low, and the nuke seems to take out a cons-yard, which seems a little too strong and is devastating for multiplayer Thank you.. Glad you are enjoying it. The current version now includes pretty much ALL the building and units from the original game... I am currently working on adding alternative multiplayer game types - 2v2, capture the flag, as well as the ability to SPECTATE and watch other people's games. (We already have the option to view game replays with fast forward and resume from mid game)
  7. Any chance you were able to find this data (the offsets and turret placements)???
  8. The HD version that Luk3us asked for... If someone took the time to recreate HD graphics for the game, I have no problem working with them andswapping the HD art in to create an HD reboot of the game..
  9. Any artists want to volunteer their time to developing fresh HD artwork???
  10. In what is probably the biggest and most anticipated C&C-HTML5 update this year, v0.7.8 is now out... http://www.adityaravishankar.com/projects/games/command-and-conquer/ This release includes A LOT of new features including - Communications Center - RADAR/Minimap - Advanced Guard Tower - Advanced Communications Center - Obelisk of Light - Temple of NOD - Nuclear Strike - MCV can now be constructed - Recon Bike In addition this release includes several significant bug fixes including - Harvester sometimes getting stuck - Sync related fixes - Building construction related bugs Refresh the browser to make sure you have the latest version and give the game a shot http://www.adityaravishankar.com/projects/games/command-and-conquer/ As always, please check it out and report any bugs... Beta testers are requested to send me saved replays (preferably both players) as needed.... ENJOY!!! And thanks for all your amazing support...
  11. Check out this video here ... I am sure there is something extra happening after the initial explosion... Also, right now I am calculating spread damage by halving damage every spread pixels (based on something I read in the RA.ini file.. Does C&C use the same calculation???) The damage from my nuke is not the same, but I can't tell what is off.... Is the nuke in C&C a little stronger than the nuke in RA?? What is the value of damage? I am using 1000 damage with a spread of 8.. Is that correct??? By the way, the latest update (0.7.8) has everything added, so go check out the multiplayer to see what I have done so far...
  12. Patched it.... Will be out in next release.... The next release is going to have a LOT of new cool stuff... Comm Center, Advanced Comm Tower, Advanced Guard Tower and ION Cannon For GDI Comm Center, Temple of Nod, Obelisk and nuclear strike for NOD @nyerguds ... I have a quick question about nuke strike... There seems to be a secondary explosion (5x5 grids) after a nuke strikes which also causes extra damage... Would you have any details on how I should implement those? There doesn't seem to be enough detail in the ini files so I am not sure what I need to do.... Any help would be appreciated...
  13. Yep.... Still a work in progress... Each time I add new features, I end up having to clean up bugs.... I am currently working on adding AGT and Obelisk to multiplayer... Will patch up some of these old bugs soon Yep, The pathfinding is still a little clunky... The game speed should change, however with a lot of people, the computer speed becomes a bottle neck... The browser can't generate frames fast enough and so the speed drops down Thanks !!! Thanks !!!
  14. Hey guys, For those of you who have been following my project, I have recently released a new version of C&C-HTML5 (Play C&C in your web browser) http://www.adityaravishankar.com/projects/games/command-and-conquer/ This version includes significant updates to multiplayer - new maps, multiple speed while playing multiplayer. - In-game and Lobby Chat The game also includes a LOT of the units from the original (light, medium tanks, aircraft etc...) I am still actively developing the project and adding new features/units/buildings regularly. Please do check out multiplayer and let me know what you think.... no installation needed/no plugins needed... Just go to http://www.adityaravishankar.com/projects/games/command-and-conquer/ and click to play either single player or host/join a network game.... Feedback welcome Aditya