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    The movies seems to be linked to "ra2.ini" and ra2md.ini", as removing these files cleared the previously unlocked movies from the list. I had a quick check through those files though and couldn't see anything directly related to unlocked movies.
  2. Does anyone know how Red Alert 2 & Yuri's Revenge remembers what movies are unlocked from the movie select menu? Is there a file somewhere that has this information? Or does it have something to do with the mission saves? Or is it perhaps noted in the computers registry? Cheers if anyone has any ideas on this.
  3. OK, just finished playing through all of Red Alert and the expansions so I figured I'd post the crashes. I've put them into folders in this zip file and they match up to these descriptions here: phase tank load - One of the very many "on load" crashes I had but heres a few examples. In the Lets Make A Steal aftermath mission, loading a save game of that level while in that level caused a crash. main menu load after fail - After failing a mission and going back to the main menu, loading a savegame from that level would cause a crash. load a level from a different level - In this crash loading a level while on a different level caused a crash. There were a ton more crashes that seemed to happen on load basically. nuke convoy crash - Detonating a demo truck in aftermath caused in instant hard crash, with no arda error message. This occured whether attacking the ground, myself, enemy units etc. Playing "without extension" however does not cause the nuke crash. Also, the enemy nuke convoy trucks in the mission "Monster Tank Madness" did NOT cause this crash when they are destroyed. Perhaps they're not normal demo trucks? kill enemy demotruck in volkov rescue - Destroying the enemy demo truck in the mission Deus Ex Machina does cause a crash. A few other observations that didn't directly result in a crash: On the score screen, background is centered but the animated part (the bars and numbers) were aligned top left. Stretching videos also stretches the main menu, but also centers it, so I only get to see the top quarter of the menu when it is enabled. Is it possible to have the menu centering as a toggleable option? Expansion missions seem to always start with the music muted. Can't recall if it was like this originally A weird imprint of the last score screen appears behind the end credits for either side. The being able to detect fake buildings via the hover name tag I mentioned above. I couldn't figure out why aftermath music wasn't playing but then I remembered the first decade version had a problem with that, so I patched to the latest TFD 1.03 rev4 which fixed it. I didn't notice any different crashes from running arda with this patch. There were a few corrupt graphics when I loaded some saves, Here's a pic: And here's a few features I'd like to suggest because I am greedy, ignore completely if they're even remotely annoying to implement: In C&C tiberian dawn, Nyerguds has made it so when building a comm center, the radar is zoomed out by default removing the annoyance I'm sure almost everyone goes through of clickiing the radar to enlarge it. Any possibilty to get this feature for the radar dome? Is it remotely possible to bind the scroll wheel to moving up and down theside bar build list? Hope any of this is useful, let me know if you need any more clarification on anything. xazuki debug logs 6th april.rar
  4. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction! Managed to get this working at 960x600 stretched to 1680x1050 with linear smoothing and locked at 60fps+vysnc. It is seriously awesome. The only minor downside is that I can't enable video resizing, it resizes the videos fine but it also resizes the main menu while also trying to center it, so a lot of the bottom and right side of the menu gets cut off. Cheers again.
  5. It seems my lock-up crashes were due to me not enabling win95 compatibility. My bad. I'm still getting a few Arda error message crashes so I'll keep those debug logs. Oh yeah, I noticed a potential issue with regards to the being able to see enemy name tags when you hover over them, as illustrated in this screenshot: I guess it kind of defeats the point of fake structures when you can just hover over them and tell that they're fake. Oh and one more thing, is it possible to support strange resolutions, such as 960x600 or 800x500? I really like the size of 800x600 but am also looking to fill up my 16:10 monitor. Or am I just being greedy? Cheers again for working on Arda, its good stuff.
  6. Ahoy there, I've been checking out Arda and am very impressed. Unfortunately mine's been crashing a fair bit too so I thought I'd upload some of the debug logs if thats helpful. The installation I've been using was from the first decade with the 3.03 patch applied. Been trying to run it at 800x600. Mostly seems to crash in two ways, a hard lock up or sometimes it gives that debug error message. xazuki debug 14thMarch.rar