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  1. Galacticruler

    Please Insert Correct CD-ROM ZH error

    So, I have recently managed to give myself this issue...by making a music pack for Contra 008. I don't get how or why, but I do know that it goes away if the pack is removed, so it IS tied to it.
  2. Galacticruler

    Can not log in Zero Hour online

    Well...it can't be me, multi-player at least loaded before this, now it wont go to the login screen! i do believe the servers got dropped to make room for bigger, newer games.
  3. Galacticruler

    Can not log in Zero Hour online

    Trust me, no amount of port forwarding will help. i think they dropped the servers for newer games. EA...they just want money, and seen the C&C Generals ZH servers as a drain of money. EDIT: if im wrong, it might be that vista and Win 7 dont like ZH. my copy of TFD ZH does not even get as far as the log in info, it stops with the "Could not connect to Generals Zero hour servers. Please check your Internet connection" error, but my Internet is just fine.
  4. Galacticruler

    [Generals/Zero Hour] Adding a unit guide

    English please?
  5. Galacticruler

    All 2D (and 2.5 D) games broken

    LCF file? would Mental omega require this?
  6. Galacticruler

    All 2D (and 2.5 D) games broken

    how so?
  7. Galacticruler

    Zero Hour - Lan (network) run Extra fast

    try running all the game stuff on one processor, and try upping the graphics settings to slow it a little bit(if the processor can handle it) if that all fails, try lowering the game seed setting to something around.....35?
  8. Galacticruler

    All 2D (and 2.5 D) games broken

    i know that, i just wish there was a way to fix it.
  9. Galacticruler

    All 2D (and 2.5 D) games broken

    Sorry for the double post, but has anyone got a solution for this???? i have the problem fixed for in-game, but the menus are all 800x600 and still bugged.
  10. Galacticruler

    All 2D (and 2.5 D) games broken

    1. no large fonts exist on Vista( or i have not seen them) 2. DPI? 3. nope, but thanks for reminding me to check, i just found a new update for my Nvidia GForce 6100 drivers. 4. this happened in the middle of a game, auto correct wigged out and this problem occurred, so far, changing the in-game screen res to 1280 x 1024 fixes it, but only for TI, and does not occur outside of a 2D game, i just found out that it affected Cortex Command too . 5. i have tried those, only Size and Color work, position is non-responsive. Come to think of it, i installed a rotating desktop for my 32x Vista before this happend....
  11. Galacticruler

    All 2D (and 2.5 D) games broken

    yes, i stated this in the OP, but it is not showing up, the screen just start that way and the desktop looks normal, its only C&C WW games.
  12. When i ran Twisted insurrection last time, the screen got auto-corrected to the side, massively, i thought nothing of it and closed and booted down, but now if i load ANY WW 2D/2.5D game, this happens(i had to edit this in, because it fails to show in screenshots): anyone have a solution? Also, i cnat correct it maunaly with the monitor buttons, they dont work properly, the screen is 10+ years old.
  13. hmm, ok then. if i can get this mod to work, would you mind beta testing it?
  14. Thank you! Btw, would you know a good place to get unit voice-overs?
  15. ok then, i looked inside of Langmd.Mix and it was not there.(its where i got RulesMD.ini) would copying unit code from my TibEd mod be a bad idea?