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  1. The computers i play in multiplayer practice are WAY to easy for me, is there any way that i can change the difficulty on it?
  2. Skelitorus

    Renegade Practice BRAG!

    I've never done any other map, thanks for the link. I WILL download that for new maps!!! And yeah, only one goal isint that fun lol. Everytime i start anew game its different strategies!
  3. Skelitorus

    Renegade Practice BRAG!

    I actually ended with 112 kills, but took screenshot at 44sec left. Pretty cool eh?
  4. Skelitorus

    What is your favourite Renegade vehicle?

    I would say the Mammoth tank, mainly because it wrecks anything in its way, DESPITE IT'S SPEED!!!!
  5. Skelitorus

    Renegade Online HELP

    Oh ok, i apologize, I had no idea i was not allowed to do that. Guess ill figure something out!
  6. Skelitorus

    Renegade Online HELP

    I downloaded Renegade from the internet, thepiratebay.se. to be exact.
  7. Skelitorus

    Renegade Online HELP

    I've recently downloaded Renegade after being inactive for a few years now, and ive already played the game for a few days now, but i cannot play Multiplayer Online, because i have no CD, so.....? How can i fix the problem?