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  1. Any plans on a RAED version with the expanded tilesets Allen262 made?
  2. Thats too bad. Yeah hopefully that will happen, the combining of those 2 projects has a lot of potential!
  3. I got all recent issues fixed. Had a few Arda crashes since then but Alex is currently absent looks like. Anyone know the status/future of Arda? Although Ares seems like the priority.
  4. Iran, are you looking for missions and campaigns to integrate in your patch in the future? I have a campaign thats maybe 90% finished ive been working on since '05. It is a Mod/Campaign though so not sure how that would work.
  5. Per the other thread, Arda worked flawlesly for hours with heavy mods. Just 3 minor issues that may be able to fix with settings tinkering that I'll report on later on.
  6. It works now, thanks! Couple more questions: Does your installer install the same game version as 3.03-Iran? I am trying to get my head around all the various install methods and versions of the game currently avaliable. Good news is that Arda worked flawlessly for hours yesterday with heavy modification using your install program. The only 3 issues were: (1) that tons of CS-AM maps have dissappeared from multiplayer list. (2) All of the music tracks that are supposed to be on the list (single-multi) are not there, just a few random songs. Only the music I add with Arda shows up. I think its some weird compatability thing with 3.03p-Iran and Arda. (3) The Hi-Res is not working. Everything is set to 1024x768 and have tried a few options, I'll tinker more later with it.
  7. Is this new update still suposed to work with Arda?
  8. Have not scene this mentioned anywhere so... I installed Red Alert using FunkyFr3sh 3.00 installer and then did the patch, Installed ARDA and it would not start; got a ra95.dat System Error: The Program can't start because mpgdll.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem. I know the Arda version has not been updated since the 3.00 installer release so I assume the two are currently not compatible. Does anyone know if that issue is being worked on? For now I'll install Red Alert the way it says in the instructions.
  9. I like how the rocket launchers act in C&C, like you described, better than in RA. I got the MSAM working, and thats exactly what I was looking for to get the MLRS (SSM) to work. I've been getting all kinds of crashes latley so heres some except logs i've been gethering. These are from crashing when clicking aftermath missions, starting various skrimish maps, random crashes during single player play. There seems to be a pattern of crashing 3 times in a row when clicking aftermath missions, then working the 4th time, note the date modified time on several logs are very close together. Something big I just noticed. If I save a custom mission I made, being an aftermath mission with units, when I try to load the mission it says to insert disc 1. But it is an aftermath mission and should load off the aftermath disc, same disc I started the mission with. If I do insert disc 1 and try to load, it crashes, some of those logs are in there to, they would be dated 8/17/12. So I can never load any saved progress with aftermath missions, at least my custom missions, dont know about vanilla. debug.rar
  10. Has anyone got the ssm launcher with the turret to work properly (like in c&c)? I mean with the ammo count as 3 and the reload time + using a turret. I keep experimenting but no luck.
  11. Yeah all the sounds I did define are there. But ra does not completely overwrote default. My commando still says tanya: "I'm there" and another move response I cant remember. Even after I defined 2 additional reponse sounds it did not work. E7 is the only unit I have tried so far. Also, I seem to have lost several except logs I was gonna upload on that site. I got the new mission featurs to work but haven't tinkered with map selection anu further, just disabled for now. I have several new logs ill get to that site later. Still seems to crash sometimes when I click aftermath missions or certain skrimish maps. Btw... any way to add building frames possible like the hospital?
  12. I found a non crashing bug. Maybe more of an observation. I was tinkering with custom unit sounds for tanya, commando for me, and assigned all the response sounds I wanted. Apparently red alert expects a certain number of reponses for each sound group (moving, attacking, selecting etc..) if the number of custom sounds you add is not the same amount of sounds in the vanilla sound group, then red alert selects the default sounds anyway to fill in the ones you misses, but does not overwrite your custom sounds. I tried just listing the sounds more than once under the unit type to compencate but that does not work. I would have to define the same actual sound twice and list each one. In this case I think we need a list of the sounds each unit makes and how many are in each group so we all know how many to replace. Maybe I could work on that.
  13. I might get to try the new version today. But my signifigant other has been getting impatient with me lately Have there been stability upgrades with this version? I cant even seem to get to the 2nd mission in my Mod campaign without a crash, no matter which method of implementing the new levels I use. I did the usual replacing original missions (SCG01EA etc...) and the new feature of adding mini campaigns but it keeps crashing at the map select for mission 2.
  14. Hmm, I read through the entire thread a week ago, guess I didn't remember that part On another note, since I repacked the Mix files some of the maps that did not work before are working now. Skrimish settings also seem to have an effect whether it will crash or not. I also found 2 other bugs that dont crash the game. I added a completely new sound track and disabled the vanilla one. Apparently this disables intro.aud from being the title music and instead the game selected the last track from my list as title music; and it continues to be the title music even after disabling it and adding an additional track last on the list thinking the last track is title music by default. And if I abort a skrimish, the sound volume is boosted to the max at the game menu and next time I start a game. I hope you make a feature that makes it possible to add additional turret buldings Keep up the good work! Im enjoying experimenting with this. I also have a lareg amount of except crash logs if you think they will help you any further. Mostly from crashing skrimish games at the start.
  15. It might be possible with future versions of arda too. But openra could do it for sure.