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  1. Hi, and sorry for responding this late. It seems nice, I'm not fond of the C&C2 engine and design, but I might give it a try in the following days. Thanks I saw this mod, and it seems well done, but I didn't tried it. Achknowledge! AWESOME! I'll be double following arda now! Challenge accepted! I thought a lot about it. I find it appealing and really interesting 'cause it offers more sides, more units and superweapons, so more diversity. Yes, that's useless if you play in mass-tank-rush games, but in that case, just select Russia, as always. There are very interesting units in TD that should not be left for dead IMO: a10, bikes, MLRS, chemicommandos (not like tesla troopers! 600$ cheaper and crushable), SSM (outranging the V2 by one cell!). And stealth tanks. Add to the Nod the phase tank, and BEWARE SOVIETS! Stealth invasion incoming. I find that GDI and Nod are balanced. I played TD with a friend, and the only balancing problem I saw is the "obelisk rush" toward my base (few cells + walls allowing construction) but that's my fault I guess. In RA, and considering with Aftermath, allies and soviets are not balanced. Fine. So it doesn't really matter if GDI and Nod are not balanced too, right?! GDI and Nod just need a navy (hovercraft as a transport, subs for Nod, allies navy but TD gunboat for GDI) to be fully operational. Then, it'd be possible to give them some RA units or building to get them as diversified as allies and soviets. I can develop / be more precise.
  2. Hail to the community! I tried to figure out if there was a mod that would bring the Tiberian Dawn elements into Red Alert. I mean, not a conversion. A mod that would add the TD elements to RA, in order to play allies, soviets, GDI and Nod in a same game (and also desert maps and snow-covered TD maps). But I didn't find such a mod. So I need help, and I'd like to ask several questions: 1) Would it be possible to add the GDI and NOD to RA while letting the soviets and allies? 2) If yes, how to do it? Maybe by adding the TD .mix files in RA by a way or another, in order to keep the TD sounds for GDI and Nod units? There would be two med tanks, two mammoths, two e1, etc; but it would allow even more .ini modding. I hope it could be done, but I'm unsure if there are hardcoded limitations nor other things like these. I also don't know how the game handles the .mix files. Anyway, thanks in advance!