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    yes, using Large=yes fixes bleeding
  2. Vlad Razvan

    Looking for Testers

    hi again guys. Got another little bug i'd like to report. This time it's the selection bracket. If you re-size it, or change the unit's .shp to something bigger, it bleeds. The bug mostly occurs on building types. For vehicle types, I just made the selection bracket smaller and it stopped bleeding. example - TD mtnk.shp applied to ra1's 1tnk caused the selection bracket to bleed. 1tnk.shp is 24x24, mtnk.shp is 48x48. Using standard selection bracket caused bleeding. Using proper 48x48 bracket causes bleeding. Re-seizing the bracket to 46x46 fixed it. this does NOT work for buildings. The bracket will cause bleeding regardless of size. Here is a screen from my mod where I replaced HBOX with the advanced guard tower. The health bar and half of the selection bracket persist after deselecting the building.
  3. Vlad Razvan

    Looking for Testers

    Thanks Alex! I also found this little bug in ARDA, while trying to convert one of the fake buildings to an Obelisk of Light. When changing the foundation of the Fake Radar Dome from 6 cells to 1 cell (for the 24x48 obelisk .shp) causes a graphical glitch (clipping and selection bracket bleeding). Weirdly enough, after parking a unit on the passable cell above the tower, the glitch does not manifest. I tried different foundation setups, and different selection bracket sizes, with the same result. You can see screenshots on my CnC Comm Center thread here: http://cnc-comm.com/...p?topic=2052.30 and an alpha build of the mod is also available. Here is my code for the building: ; Obelisk of light [DOMF] Foundation=1,2 Foundation.Cell0=0,1 Foundation.Update0=0,0 SelectionBracket=24,48 Name=Obelisk of Light Image=OBEL Cameo=OBELICON Prerequisite=powr ;for testing - must be dome Primary=Laser Strength=600 Armor=wood TechLevel=1 ; for testing - must be 8 Sight=8 Owner=Ukraine Cost=500 Points=50 Power=110 ; for testing - must be -110 Sensors=yes Powered=true Crewed=yes Adjacent=4 BaseNormal=yes Maybe I'm doing it wrong? Nyerguds told me to report it on this thread.. Thanks again for your work! P.S. - any new builds of ARDA available? If so can I has a download link for testing and whatnot ?
  4. Vlad Razvan

    Looking for Testers

    I tried Spain, but am having problems setting Owner= tag. Spain won't work alone as an owner, for some reason, it needs to be in a group i.e. Owner=Spain,Greece. I've seen this before but don't know what is causing it.... Glad you're excited about my mod. You can download and check progress on CnC Comm Center.
  5. Vlad Razvan

    Looking for Testers

    Hello AlexB First of all, thank you for your work on ARDA. Using ARDA, I've been able to start what I've been wanting to do for a long long looooong time... a real cross-over mod with 4 faction multiplay and single player campaign connecting Red Alert and Tiberium Dawn. Right now it is a work in progress, and I got as far as adding NOD (replaced Ukraine) and GDI (replaced Greece) as playable factions, with Tiberian Dawn units available only to them. ARDA also lets me change the Image= for my scenarios, allowing me to slowly transform RA buildings into TD buildings in my campaign. The campaign will feature NOD's discovery of Tiberium near the Tiber river in Italy, and the struggle to control the new valuable resource. It would help my work a lot if you could implement the possibility to add new Vehicles and Buildings to RA using ARDA, and maybe (hopefully) get the game to read 2 mcv/c-yard/war factory types so I can give all sides their respective buildings. Superweapons would also be kick-ass (would love to add the GDI Ion Cannon). I also have to say that in the 2 weeks I've been working with ARDA, it hasn't crashed once, either in single or multiplayer. Great work! Thanks again, and I hope you release a new version soon! P.S. You can check out my Mod on the CnC Comm Center http://cnc-comm.com/community/index.php?topic=2052.0