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  1. Installed TFD minus Renegade. Downloaded 1.03 rev 4. Disabled user accounts/anti-virus. When I click it to run and then click start installation I get this error: 'Cannot install this program a required file is missing'. I tried re-downloading it 3 times on 2 different browsers. Tried different hosting sites. Have put the installer in the same director as the C&C and outside. TFD is not installed on 'C:\Program Files' but on another HD under D:\EA Games. System is Win 7 64-bit Professional. Any suggestions? attached screen shot.
  2. dollyriva

    Cannot install patch 1.03 - 4 on Win 7

    Figured out the problem. I have 2 hard drives on my computer: 1 SSD 128GB in the C: and 1 500GB in the D:. Had installed TFC on D: and when the patch was trying to run it could not locate the game because of that. I installed the game on the C: and it worked fine after that. Wish there was a way around that however because I would have preferred not to put it on the D:.
  3. dollyriva

    Cannot install patch 1.03 - 4 on Win 7

    Tried compatibility mode. Tried downloading to a flash drive and starting it from there. Downloaded it on Windows XP 64-bit through VMware and ran it on that OS. Disabled UAC. It still gives that message "file missing". It is tooo quick to jump to that screen. I am out of ideas.
  4. dollyriva

    Cannot install patch 1.03 - 4 on Win 7

    Do you happen to have a link to your tested and working copy?