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  1. EA should have just made a HD version of all the older C&Cs (from Tiberian Dawn, to Yuri's Revenge), just like Blizzard did with StarCraft. That would have been long done by now and appealed to the older and newer generation of gamers.
  2. Problem: Everything runs at perfect speed, but every 5 seconds or so, the game totally freezes for about half a second, like as if it's skipping some frames, then goes back to perfect speed again. Observations: -I have GenTool 6.2 installed and I have "upload mode" turned OFF and FPS Limit is also OFF, but It was doing this before I installed GenTool. -Every other C&C game that was made before and after Generals/ZH runs perfectly fine on the highest settings and highest resolutions. I even have StarCraft 2 - WoL running on the HIGH setting and 1920x1080 reso without any choppiness or lag. -This happens in single-player mode in both campaigns and skirmish. I haven't tried online multiplayer yet. Things that I've tried: -lowest in-game settings -Win XP SP3 -running as admin -"Run in 256 colors" (this setting worked perfectly for a few weeks but suddenly started getting choppy again, I'm guessing it's an auto-update on my PC maybe?) -"Disable visual themes" -exception added to firewall -disabled all advanced 3D settings in my graphics card settings and changed it from "quality" to "performance" mode -disabled UAC -disabled Aero -graphics card driver updated -lowered game AND desktop resolution to 1024x768 -changed color depth from "Highest (32-bit)" to "Medium (16-bit)" -scanned entire PC with latest Norton and Windows Defender - no virii found. -run it in Windows XP mode (virtual machine) Things that I have NOT tried yet: -go to my garage and pull out my old Win XP computer My specs: -Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit Service Pack 1 (legit, not pirated) -Processor: Intel® Core i7 CPU 960 @ 3.2GHz 3.19GHz -Installed memory (RAM): 6.00 GB -GForce GTX 580 -900 watt power supply Game Versions: -Generals v1.08 -Zero Hour v1.04 I have tried the TFD versions (legally purchased) and downloaded ISOs. Any help would be appreciated Btw, does anyone else here have the same problem?
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    My Generals/ZH is choppy (but not laggy)

    But I got it working perfectly for a few weeks using the 256 color setting. Also, I've seen YouTube videos of Generals ZH gameplay (single and multiplayer) without this problem. With all due respect, I hope you're wrong because this is really annoying
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    CnC Sole Survivor

    C&C Sole Survivor Gameplay & Commentary...
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    WW Vids (weird & wacky videos)

    Justin Bieber talks about SC2 and Westwood...