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  1. Patch 1.12 Problem

    No , it's from CD's.
  2. Patch 1.12 Problem

    I did that, and...After starting game,I needed to write a code in.I dont know what code to type in. CD-KEY dont work .
  3. Patch 1.12 Problem

    So...First.I played Red Alert 3 without problems.It was perfect.And I decided to play with friends on LAN/Internet.But I needed to Install patch. After I installed patch 1.12.I can't play.I click on RA3.exe and it dont launch.(and on launcher , I cant click play) So i will give some screenshots.To see the problem. Here is that without play screen Photo...No play button Then picture after clicking launcher:Deauthorizeprompt Launcher:Deauthorizeprompt (I clicked Da-Yes) And picture , game can not start and reason Game can not start