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  1. TMG is one of best site which represent Red Alert 2 And Yuri Revenge on Gameranger server.This community is making tournament from few months.Every one in tournament play for fun only.There was 3 success full in past months.There is last Tournament of 2012. TMG Official Tournament 1 This was 1st ever official TMG Tournament in August 2012 with 16 players from Gameranger. Lawliet sF was winner of this 1st Tournament.It was best of 3. TMG Official Tournament 2 It was 2nd TMG Ra2 Tournament in August 2012.A player Vn-Time Of Fun from Vietnam was winner of this tournament.It was 1st Tournament where maps were choosing by poll.Every one in TMG community was able to vote for maps.Some of videos are recorded. TMG Official Tournament 3 The Duel Of Lunatics It was 3rd TMG Tournament in September 2012.It was 1st ever 32 players Tournament.All maps were decided by poll.Seke was winner of this big Tournament. He is a top player on Gameranger.It was a monthly Tournament with 60+ games.Semifinal & Final were video recorded. Now, TMG Official Tournament 4 Winter Warzone After 1 & half month gap, TMG is organizing its 4th Ra2 Tournament this month.There are few changes this time. 1.Those players cant vote for maps who will play.In past every one in community was able to vote in map poll to decide maps for all matches. 2.Its best of 5 in all rounds including Semifinal & final will be best of 7.IT was best of 3 in past 3 Tournaments. 3.This time most of matches in all rounds will be video recorded. Sign up's are close today.There were 19 sign up's this time.1st Round is started. (All tournaments are fun only & there is no prize.) TMG have some future plans in 2013 like 1st Yuri Tournament with 8 or 16 players Ra2 1v1 16 players Land Rush Tournament (All map will be edit by TMG team to make 1v1 Land Rush including Off Map B, Country Swing) Ra2 Heck Freeze Over Tournament (It includes all versions of Heck Freeze Over Map including R v R, L v L, B v B, T v T or Land Rush) If any one wants to play any TMG Tournament for fun then he can sign up site.There will be a possible Yuri Tournament in January 2013.