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  1. Just wanted to say that installing 337.88 geforce driver fixed NO MENUS bug in Tiberian Sun completely for me. Game, which is licensed First Decade disk + community patch 103 rev4, runs perfect as before. My favorite nvidia driver, I love it.
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    Guys, guys, is Tib Sun at 1.03 rev. 4 have all the videos enabled (I've heard there is a bug with it)? Does it have some unbearable bugs? I mean, should I wait for 2.04 or I can safety replay TS v. 1.03 rev. 4? Kane Lives In Death!!
  3. I was able to fix it by restoring my previous successful restore point. I guess the ddraw.dll file got messed up.
  4. Hi guys. I installed all the games from my TFD disk except RA2, YR and Renegade. Then installed 1.03 rev 4 without installing official patches. When I'm trying to switch Tib Sun resolution to 800x600x16bit from 640x480x16bit I get game crash error: --------------------------- Direct X --------------------------- DDRAW.DLL Error code = 88760234 --------------------------- OK --------------------------- My desktop monitor settings are 1920x1080x32bit at 120hz. OS is Win7 x64 sp1. Does anyone else encountered this issue?