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  1. thank you sir i'll try these links but i didnt mean rar archives no i meant the installer RA95_TLF but that doesn't works for me
  2. hello i have tried this one http://nyerguds.arsa...heLostFiles.rar it says error unable to set the video mode i run this on windows 8 and i have the ultimate collection kind regards
  3. hello i am new to the forums and i was wondering people talked about cnc generals 2 wich was later called cnc 2013 they talked about china i think and the GLA but i havent heard anything about america. America is my favorite nation in all games and its even my favorite nation in rl opninions there have been talks about the game getting single player because people didnt liked multiplayer only and there also have been talks about the european Union faction what? why i mean the nation that has actually won the war against terror was america european Union was just a supporting faction and most europeans have horrible accents when they speak english. some people say that the game might be pulled back due to negative reactions about free to play. i dont understand it though i have the ultimate collection that should give you early acces i think in late 2013. the game looks cool high graphics well i dont think this whould be free play such high deff gaming for free? command and conquer tiberian aliance was a 2d game i think those are for free but a game like this. last thing the aircrafts look amazing i loved aircrafts since the first generals i hope there is gonna be a support bomber too like the ac130 (command and conquer version) harbinger gun ship instead of 2 posible firing weapons 3 have a nice day