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  1. riderr3

    C&C - RA on PS Vita

    PS Vita is sucks. Most games on it is slightly enchanced android ports. I've playing RA Retaliation on PSP from time to time, I can even hack the game and unlock stealth tanks and use orange color in skirmish, e.t.c.
  2. The things which I miss in C&C DOS is lack of some hotkeys like "repair", "sell" and "choose all units on screen". Maybe there is a way to add it... On a positive sides, DOS version have nice screen shaking effect! IDK why this is not implemented in C&C unofficial patch.
  3. riderr3

    Looking for Testers

    Well I can say I like this project Is there any updates? Here are some feedback: BUGS: -no autoplay music in skirmish -extracting original conquer.eng to ARDA folder cause bonus music tracks called "(null)" -game speed bug. sometimes speed 5 (and highner) is on maximum speed. -some issues with foundations. example: changing turret shp to agun [GUN] Image=AGUN Foundation=1,1 Foundation.Cell0=0,1 Foundation.Cell1=0,0 the image itself are centered and looking unusual (and part are blinking) -Mobile Gap Genarator have no shadow. It is possible to fix that. -custom turrets offset/set won't work with ships WISHES: -feature to add new animations for guns (like MINIGUN, SAMFIRE) -something like Smokes=Yes/No for units (because ants not smoking) -possible markers for fake units (and enemy must not see fake names) -option to change appearing enemy names (new or old method) like "Enemy Structure" or real names -support for loading different mods from ARDA launcher (mix,mpr,ini and other files) -one-click game launching without ARDA menu launcher -4-cell-width bib image for buildings (can be added from cnc nod airstrip) -possible laying mines for any unit like Minelayer=yes/no (may be for vessels and replenish mines in shipyard/subpen ?) -mine tag for buildings Mine=yes/no, they be like mine and blown when shooted and after interaction -tank paradropping feature in skirmish, or may be other infantry (it's a possible in some singleplayer missions, but is scripted) -spectator mode in offline skirmishes (on/off) -changing default starting units in skirmishes (in rules.ini or somewhere) -controlling screen shaking of destroying objects(mammoths,const yard, e.t.c), like Shaking=1,2,3 (levels) -change offset for gunfires -type and quantity of infantry after selling building (technicians, engineers, rifle infantry, e.t.c) -showing enemy unit on map off/on trigger. like radar jammers - they not shown on enemy radar map. -changing range of cloud for mgg -and may be support features of 3.03+ iran patch P.S. Sorry for my english.