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  1. Hi people. So here's the issue. I have designed a SP mission in XCC editor for C&C Tiberium Dawn, and when the mission starts, instead of focusing the view in on your MCV that's arriving in the South East corner, (with a couple of machine gunners already there, taking out a few NOD troops), the game starts with the view focused in blackness on the NOD base in the North West. I've looked at other missions in the editor where there's a 'drive in' of the MCV etc, and the game view always begins focused on that area. Any ideas? I don't think there's a trigger.I did create the NOD base first when I started the map, so not sure if that's it? And also when I get that fixed, as everything else is fine, triggers etc, and pretty good gameplay, where does one upload them for people to try them? I wouldn't mind if someone could try them before I pop them up here or wherever they go these days! Cheers, Cleavus