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  1. CAN NO longer login online using c&c generals

    this site is ****ign ran by retarts. registered but no ****ing password recovery, ****ing will not accept passwords. Wasted good amount of my previous life on this. I need different server. Sworn out of this one.
  2. screen reso out of range

    tthanks it worked!!!
  3. screen reso out of range

    i just set ZH to too much reso and now when game starts it says out of range 75hz. I can not recover back. Tried using gentools with no avail. Any hints on this one?
  4. actually it turns out i7-4771 8 core with B85M-E with 8GB DDR4. Total was about 500$. ****ing frustrated as my stupid laptop wont run so I wipe clean and install everything from beginning but ****ing bitch CD1 FOR general cant read and i yank it broke the ****ing cd. Just ordered another set from ebay. What a bitch day
  5. I upgraded recently to core I5 with 8 cores, DDR4 and B85M-E ASUS UEFI motherboard however found out C&C game will no longer play. It always crashes upon start. Wonder what is the problem here. I tried to tinkel with many settings in the MOTHERBOARD BIOS but never been able to get it functioning.
  6. I recently recovered my laptop on which I used to play generals ZH but i can no longer login. Previously matchmaker was never able to find any opponent. The game is too old now but that does not mean I Dont want to play. Is there aftermarket server avialable for online play and if so how? THanks,!
  7. CAN NOT play online

    Doctor Destiny, can you elaborate on steps on using GameRanger or Runngle server? Or any wiki-s about utilizing these server with C&C ZH? Thanks!
  8. getting invisible gattling gun

    i only applied patch that comes after the installation, the one automatically isntalled when you attempt to go online. also installed gentool and also patch available in cncnz.com. I sometimes dont see it looks intermittent issue to me.
  9. getting invisible gattling gun

    I am playing usaf against chinese infantry general and i am getting invisible gattling gun in the middle of field which is shooting down any of my unit nearby ground or flying. Is it a bug in the game??? https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/103296007693730458800/albums/5903293757811435105/5903293757577626594?pid=5903293757577626594&oid=103296007693730458800
  10. CAN NOT play online

    Dude, I am not here to brainstorm. You sure I am getting this issue because I did not register? I am here to ask around from those who does know or has experienced the issue and looking for rational solution. If you dont know what is causing, dont give me a guesswork.
  11. CAN NOT play online

    my laptop f-d up so reimaged it. I installed and applied all patches and gentool installed. Still not work. I got kaspersky internet security running which took over the firewall, and I disabled it. Stil no avail. It always say can not find the server.
  12. CAN NOT play online

    Jehal your link does not work. I already installed Gentool. I even created new online account. Still no avail. well the link works now.
  13. CAN NOT play online

    Used to be able to aply online just fine, purchased it legally not illegal copy. It came with generals 2 disks + zh 2 disks
  14. CAN NOT play online

    i used to play online zero hour using matchmaker however these days i can not match against anyone, if I go online it always says "can not find matchmaker". I wonder what is going on? Anything needs to be checked? Thanks!
  15. low resolution in zero hour recently

    thanks, i noticed after isntalling gentool it somehow triggered update on oen of the pc. on other pc lot more choices of resolution became available. it works now. thansk!