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  1. Now works , thanks but i dont applied TT patch, i used TFD 1.03 rev 2 patch XD I´ll try TT, but not now, maybe soon
  2. I tried to download TT patch, but the download never started, just appear "starting" in Google Chrome Donwloads page and nothing more But i dont wanna play online, just tje campaing xD
  3. Ok i´ll get TT and tell here what happen
  4. I installed Renegade and played without problems, (i don´t aplied TFD 1.03 rev 4 patch) and works good. PD: What is the Script Library version 3.44 added in 1.03 rev 4?, before i used the 1.03 rev 4 patch i aplied the 1.03 rev 2 patch and Renegade did´t auto exit. Thanks for answer and TT patch looks like to play Online, i can´t play online, mi Internet is very old (1mb/s xD) i just wanna play the Campaign mode only.
  5. Hi, I'm new to this forum and i do not know much about post etc ... XD Well, what happened is when i try to play C&C: Renegade , the game starts to load the first mission and before finishing the load, the game goes directly to the desktop . My pc is old, but I was able to play it before applying the patch 1.03 rev 4. Please tell me how to fix it and if I apply the 1.03 but with other rev? I not have the other C&C games installed, i have just installed C&C: Renegade PD: sorry for bad english, is not perfect yet