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  1. These are inside mix files correct?
  2. I do indeed have loose mission files, I take it I am to delete them? What are the codes exactly and where to I type them in, that was my question. Anyhow, my new save game worked fine allowing me to capture the advanced comms center quite fine, though not without cost. :(. The repair bay bug, is it not caused by building other buildings too close? My SAM sites are pretty much on top of thing. It used to work and then for some reason it stopped working. Alternatively it could be caused by running out of resources. I don't understand, it's there some kind of console or am I to type the code in blind?
  3. The plot thickens. I can't seem to actually sell the Repair Pad. I wonder if it's a bug caused by the proximity of SAM sites that has somehow spilled over to the Advanced Communications Center.
  4. Funnily enough my repair facility also stopped working as I told yo. I wasn't able to repair my damaged flame tank. It could well be that this is a one-off bug related to interacting with buildings in gen.eral. Funny thing is that the game makers have precluded the second refinery strategy because there is no tiberium in the starting area and it's difficult to find the space for 2 large buildings in the canyons you start off in (the tiberium in my game blocks the canyon). The next area with tiberium requires you to destroy 2 mammoth tanks and you only start with 5000. The game screen says I'm playing 1.06c r3. To load the cheat codes I have to do what? Just type in tactical? Does my game save (the one with an advanced game state) allow you to capture Advanced Communications? Because if it does maybe if you were to resave that game on your computer and then hand it back to me then it would work.
  5. Project Stealth Tank didn't work out as well as I thought. Buildings really are expensive in C&C. Anyway I've got two save files here. Test 2 or File 27 is the original game save which has the problem, it was created under CD mode conditions. Test of File 28 is a new game save created under NoCD conditions. Hope you can help. Save Files.zip
  6. The problem is likely that I have been playing with no-cd mode turned on, no it's not an old pre-patch savegame. If it's been loading from the CD then it's probably what's happened is that it's loading the original mission from the disk, before your patch was installed. However because the mechanics of the game load from the hard disk, we end up with an incompatability between the two. Interesting about the crates, it's a pretty silly ideas to have Nod use nukes in the final South African mission, because the political fallout would be immense and essentially they have everything to lose if the war goes nuclear. Given they control the whole of rest of Africa at that point they could simply conscript millions of Africans and overrun South Africa by sheer weight of numbers. I do not wish to replay that mission just yet because I'm already sick of it having spent countless hours on it, those late Nod missions go on forever because the only way to win them is to fight GDI to a stalemate and then slowly, painfully build up a decent base and a second harvester to push the balance in your favour. What's i'll do is restart the mission in No-CD mode and rush build a stealth tank and engineer, forgetting everything else, should work as it's power plants 900, barracks 300, Airstrip 2000, Comms Center 1000, Stealth Tank 900 and Engineer 500 with 5000 starting funds and the ability to sell the builders yard for anothe 2000. I'll sneak the stealth tank into the base and locate the comms center. Then I'll see whether the engineer can be ordered to convert it. Afterwards I will tell you what happened and give you both savegames (the normal one and the stealth tank one for comparison) and see if you can edit the former so that it works properly like you said.
  7. I can't seem to capture the GDI advanced communications center in NOD Mission 12. I know that it's supposed to be uncapturable except for that mission but is seems to be uncapturable there too. Thing is that the mission cannot be completed without taking over the advanced communications center. So what is up? Also when I used engineers to steal/sell the GDI builders yard it left behind an objective crate. Which is funny. Don't know what it signifies. But basically until I can get this sorted out I'm totally stuck.