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  1. Austin Green

    Tw3 construction yard

    is there a way to build 2 building at once?
  2. Austin Green

    Tib3 squad help

    maybe ....ill try
  3. Austin Green

    Tib3 squad help

    Ive been trying but i just cant seem to get positioning right and they just overlap
  4. Austin Green

    Tib3 squad help

    Ok so im trying to add more guys to squads but i dont know what things to set for the positions, plz help. <InitialPayload Count="4" Name="GDIZoneTrooper" /> <MeleeBehavior Type="AMOEBA" /> <RankInfo RankID="1" UnitType="GDIZoneTrooper"> <Position X="-10" Y="-20" /> <Position X="10" Y="-10" /> <Position X="10" Y="10" /> <Position X="-10" Y="20" />
  5. Austin Green

    Tib3 drop pods

    Ok so im looking for a way to increase the number of drop pods that you get for the special ability.