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  1. Hi, Like the title states if you have a PlayStation 3 or 4, add me to your contacts , we can do 3 very rare and hard to get cooperative trophies. My PSN tag is in my profile. HandyRandy4 .
  2. Red alert 3 PlayStation 3 online co op partner needed

  3. You know..that thing I'm thinking of from years ago with the NOD and GDI connection in USA government website. YES, NO? GOOD IDEA? BAD IDEA?
  4. For some reason I cannot copy and paste it, I have enclosed it in attachments for anyone who wants or needs to have a look. I hope no one has posted it already. Here's Chinas Structure Specs in attachments. Less changes than the U.S.A. structures. Well that's it for now. The Demo Trap changes for GLA. But....there's one more interesting balance issue I found, it might win me some games in the mean time, if they ever patch ZH again. After review though the U.S.A. has a big early game rush advantage, over china and GLA. USA_Structure_Table.txt China_Structure-Table.txt GLA_Structure_Table.txt