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  1. It was boring and I don't have time to play it all day, all night.
  2. This is a very interesting topic. In the past few weeks I was looking for articles and analysises, to find a trace about the future of C&C. But I couldn't. Maybe it would be worthy to carry out a full scale-poll among gamers (not just fans), advertised on many gaming sites (not just C&C fansites). What are their interests, what do the want, and what do they don't want. A market research it is. I don't want to start a fight about it (I know that many of the fans will hate me for the followings), so I just write my oppinion as an example: So, some days ago I read that some of the people like the design of CnC 3 and CnC 4, but not the gameplay (especially the 4's gameplay). All I can say, that I hated the cartoonish design (the mech technology in TS and KW, are OK, because they looked like real, but the Nod Avatar is WTF for me), and I miss the reality. Maybe that's why I liked CnC 4 because it seemed right to me, that the changing environtment required new war fighting disciplines and strategies. It was something real, like in history, when the tanks appeared on the battlefield, or when we could build ICMB-s. That's why armies gave up the trench warefare, and use today massive air force and quick strikes.
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    Command & Conquer airsoft event

    Well, to tell the truth, it's a very mixed team. Some of them don't know about it, some of them mixed it with RA, and some of them are hardcore fans. Because of the first group, we had to simplify a little bit of the story, but they understood the main themes (tiberium, Nod, GDI, MCV system) very quickly.
  4. Hi everybody! I am here to write you (and show you) something nice, what was going on Hungary, last year. However, let me introduce myself before I start my story. I am a great C&C fan (guess what!), and I loved these games since the begining. Later, as I became older I took up a hobby, called airsoft (for those, who don’t know what airsoft is, it is the bit more realistic counterpart of paintball). As years gone by, I learned how to organize airsoft events, and then, an idea came in my mind: „I should organize a Command and Conquer themed airsoft game!” So my airsoft team and I started to get things done, and organized a C&C airsoft game with 50 participants. Unfortunatelly, I don’t have much photos about the game itself, but I tell you about it, and I hope you can imagine it. The participants could join Nod and GDI as well, with accurate clothing. GDI players wore brown and desert themed military uniforms, while Nod players wore black or green clothing, mixed with army equipment. We prepared two flags for each faction, you can see the Nod one, on one of the pictures. According to the scenario, the Brotherhood held a great tiberium field and a refinery complex, somewhere in Europe. GDI’s mission was to break trough Brotherhood’s defensive lines, set up an MCV (yes!), construct Barracks, and then destroy the remaining Nod forces. There was an optional mission about looking for a peticular blue crystal somewhere in the middle of the fields. Tiberium fields were indicated by thousands of tennis balls. GDI MCV was an old russian truck. Deploying the MCV was indicated by stopping the vehicle, and installing camoflague webs on it. Barrack constructing was indicated by builnding an army tent (an old, small russian one, not the big US Army ones). The tent's frame and tilt was inside the MCV, so it operated like in the game. The refinery was just another old soviet army tent. The blue tiberium crystal is an interesting one: it was a blue tennis ball, hidden inside one of the three big tennis ball fields. Almost mission impossible. However, my team has a very smart engineer guy (i mean in real life), who made us small device, which sends a signal on a pre-set radio frequency. With a walkie-talkie, you were able to find this „crystal”. When you get closer, a beeping sound on the walkie talkie get stronger. Of course, the man with the walkie talkie had to had a protecting suit. It was another mission, to find it. Thanks for reading, B There are some pics: The airsoft events public poster. A player fills in the registry form. Preparing before briefing. At the background you can see a Nod flag on the wall. A few, brave Nod soldiers. At the background you can see the GDI MCV, an old russian UAZ truck. And some people from the attacking GDI forces. "Dead" Nod soldiers during battle. In case being shot, you are wounded for 10 minutes, and only a medic can heal you up. Without a medics help, you will bleed out and have to respawn at one of your bases. Both (wounded and dead status) are indicated by orange hats. More photos can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.746001895430425.1073741828.164703573560263&type=1