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  1. im well aware of the ini editing too. but it seems as if there were maps that were modded (im guessing with some kind of script) where when the game started, there would be one or two crates on the map. lets say there was two to start. when each crate was taken theyd each be replaced with two crates. so now thered be four crates. from here, the amount of crates appearing on the map becomes exponential. 2 4 8 16 32 64 etc. there is however a limit to how many crates can exist on a board at one time, i think its 255. correct me if im wrong. if anyone remembers these maps, please let me know. cameo examples: the howitzer tank, subterranean vehicle (PIG), light tank, mammoth tank from Red Alert, etc
  2. Back in the old days when I played RA2 online, every now and again I would come across these special maps that spawned crates in a specific manner. It seemed that for every crate that was grabbed, two more spawned in its place. Some maps even included hidden cameos to appear at random when crates were taken. I've been trying to find these crazy maps but haven't had any luck. Google doesn't seem to be very helpful in finding these maps as I have tried a number of reputable sources, all which gave me everything except for what I've been seeking. It's kind of frustrating actually. So I have a few questions: 1. Do these maps have a certain name or game type that would help me in find them in search engines? 2. I know how to use Final Alert 2. Do I need any other special tools or knowledge in order to build maps of my own that resemble these masterpieces? 3. Does anyone know where I can find these maps if they still exist? Thanks for the help! Cheers.
  3. Dom

    TibEd, Production

    I wouldn't consider myself lazy. Instead, I'm not as experienced with modding as many are. I seek tutorials on lots of things and info from different sources. I'd rather learn how to do something before I change something that's difficult to fix (a consequence of figuring things out for yourself, i.e. trial and error), which is the main purpose I ask for assistance on your forum.
  4. Dom

    Hard Modding

    I have noticed several advanced members of this forum speak of certain things as being "hardwired" into games. I am the type of person that believes anything can be done with the right skill set and tools. If one desired to alter the hardwiring of a game, such as RA2 or YR, how exactly would one go about doing so? Would tools would one need? What steps would one have to take? **I understand that this might violate certain securities within the programming** However, lets disregard securities. Say that there were no copyrights and protections. What exactly would one have to do to achieve this goal?
  5. Dom

    TibEd, Production

    This might be asking too much, but I'm hoping you or someone else can help me. What do each of the option within the hack sections do exactly? I'm hoping to get a fully detailed list. If this is too much work, is there an online wiki or manual that lists such parameters?
  6. Dom

    TibEd, Production

    1. Is there a way, either by using the editor or a script, that I can increase the number of building queues? Say if I wanted to be able to build two defensive structures simultaneously 2. I'm also trying to figure out how to increase the max number of units being built at a time. I've played on maps where instead of building a max of 30 at a time, the value was set at 60 3. Lastly, I have have enabled ICBMs on goodie crates, I would like to be able to increase the amount of superweapon queues for the same weapon under my defense tab, Exampe: i get an ICBM from a crate but havent used it yet, then i get another ICBM from a crate. I dont want the new ICBMs to rollover onto and eliminate/overwrite the one received before it. I would like to have multiple availble superweapon queues for the same superweapon. 3a. I would also like to be able to do the same for the paratrooper queue for instance I would like to have a queue available for each tech airport that is captured I have seen this available on a couple modded RA2 maps but i'm yet to find it on YR Note: I am modding all of this for YR
  7. Is there any way to change the way the game generates a random map (i.e. adds more tech structures, bridges, greater landmass)? I want to know what fuels the creation of a random map and if the engine can be altered or not. If its hard coded into the game, then simply tell me it can't be done. However, if it is possible to change the generation engine and increase the options for generating a map, how can I do this and what tools would I need to do so? For example, if I choose, Mountainous, temperate condition, V. Large, 6 Player, in about every other generation or so, a map features a river through the center of the map with all of the players locations on one side, clearly wasting a lot of landmass. I do know that I could spend lots of time creating and saving random maps and importing them onto Final Alert adding what I want to add, creating bridges and spreading out the player locations. That's easy yet it is very time consuming. Is it possible to alter the game engine as a short cut so that I can choose what Tech structures I'd like to add and how many to place; if I want the player locations to cover the entire landmass even when a river divides them; etc etc. So can I or can't I? I originally posted this here: http://http://forums.cncnz.com/topic/18129-random-maps/#entry214873
  8. Dom

    Grand Cannon Mod

    bummer.. well I've got another question im hoping you can answer. how do you increase the capture zone of the chronosphere so it can transport more than 9 units?
  9. Dom

    Grand Cannon Mod

    I feel like if you can get a goodie crate to spawn a random squad of infantry, then there must be a way to get a projectile to deploy a squad of GHOST or E1 when it impacts
  10. Dom

    Grand Cannon Mod

    Ive known about the INI for a long while and lately its been easier to modify it after coming across TibED. I've had some good fun building crazy modes and stuff. I've started to get serious with it recently and have stumbled into a few questions. My first question is regarding the ability to save a mod. Is there a way to save a mod file to your game and put it on another computer without that computer having TibED installed? Basically I guess what I'm asking is how to compile an executable file for RA2 or YR, that I can add to another PC on my LAN allowing everyone on my LAN to use my mod. My second question has kept me puzzled for a few weeks now as I have been trying to find a solution. I'm trying to Modify the Grand Cannon in RA2 so that it does the following: Doesnt automatically attack opposing forces Has a range of 200 cells Is only controllable by human interaction Can fire a projectile across the entire board The projectile explodes into a squad of paratroopers that can be fired into any cell across the board Is it possible to create a modification as complex as this with just TibED?