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  1. So, I did that but shortcuts with the command line don't launch at all and when I use the launch options dialogue in Origin, the mod dosen't work. Should I just get a retail DVD? TUC has stopped me at every step of the way so far.
  2. http://www.commandandconquer.com/forums/index.php/topic/33139-mission-help-or-editing-vanilla-unit-stats/ So I made a thread, but I'm a bit lost on the final command line part. I'm ready to completely give up on TUC and just order some copies of the original discs from ebay or something.
  3. I'm honestly shocked. I thought EA would have killed it like it kills any old thing that isn't making money RIGHT NOW. I'll try there!
  4. When you say official boards, do you mean like the EA boards? I wasen't even aware there still is a C&C3 board.
  5. So, do I just order a retail copy now?
  6. IT REALLY IS. It's seriously stopped me from doing stuff I want to do constantly. I already have the fixed launchers installed, but no go still.
  7. Installed it, the patch crashed with a patch error. Should I just get a retail copy and patch that?
  8. Will that work with the copy that came in TUC?
  9. So, horrific bump here. I tried the runver command on the origin version and it spits out an error message that is "Could not find game version 1.7." Any ideas? Also, would 1.7 be the best version for the campaign, particularly the sarajevo GDI mission?
  10. Is there a way to downgrade from 1.09 to a lesser version so I can finish these campaigns without tearing my hair out? I'm using C&C3 with TUC on Origin. I have the TUC fixed launchers installed. Sorry for doubleposting.
  11. My journey through the C&C games continues! After conquering Generals and Zero Hour, I've moved on to C&C3 and KW. I was having a total blast up until the mission in Croatia in the GDI campaign. I want to make a few changes to some units to make them just a littttttttle bit stronger now so I can resume my game. However, I tried reading the SDK FAQ on the PPM fourms and came away more confused then informed. I downloaded the SDK, TibEd2 and OS Big Editor and don't really know what to do next. I just want to edit hitpoints and cost for units. I see mention of XML files but I can't find them at all. Anyone have a complete idiot's guide to this? Thank you in advance! <3
  12. ETPC

    Zero Hour Manual?

    Ah, thanks! I'll be sure to note these for future reference
  13. ETPC

    Zero Hour Manual?

    Well,. don't feel bad. You have more then EA/Origin Seriously. TUC comes with *NO* manuals. At all. Such a barebones collection for something that deserved a lot more care.