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  1. super champ

    EA Backstabbed Us

    We' were so excited about the new C&C and EA backstabbed all of us...... Really sad to see all hardwork go in drain, although a box 60$ would have been much better than free to play model but still wiping off everything , EA again proved why it is the most hated thing, they can only make stupid FIFAs
  2. super champ

    WHAT?! Skirmish requires internet?

    Yeah that was exactly I was thinking, if someone has beta forum access..please tell them to take some measure because in Asian countries we have low speed internet.
  3. super champ

    WHAT?! Skirmish requires internet?

    But why can't it be like a skirmish in aoe or coh
  4. I mean if a guy living in some middle east or asian countries. there are ****ty internet connection how will i be able to play?? frankly speaking a skirmish should always be non internet based.... that sucks man!!! disappointed...
  5. super champ

    System requirements for new CnC

    Thanks for the replies
  6. Hey I want to know what will be the system requirements to run this game smoothly and without lag