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  1. Downloaded the 1.07 version and checked everything you told me, compiled it again but yet nothing's changing ingame Im about to give up, all I wanted was to have some of the Scrin unit's cost reduced but nothing seems to work
  2. Thanks for the feedback! I just deleted all the dump lines from the xml. Then I compiled it again and the log is showing this: Sadly when testing it there are no changes in-game. Something's off somewhere, but I still dont know what! =P
  3. Steam version. Is the AlienAssimilator.xml correctly done as I posted it?
  4. K, thanks! I'm almost there, I just need one last thing, and any help is appreciated. To test this, I tried creating a modified AlienAssimilator which only costs 50 credits. I followed the samplemod structure to create my own mod, with just the needed files for the Scrin Assimilator. However it is not working! I compiled the mod using the Build Mod executable, and then I ran it using the WrathEd Mod Launcher, but the unit ingame (tried doing a skirmish game) isn't modified at all. The mod folder contains this two files: Mod\Data\Static ---> here is the modified AlienAssimilator.xml file: http://puu.sh/lQrkw/8911b9f507.txt Mod\Data ---> A static.xml file which contains this inside: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <AssetDeclaration xmlns="uri:ea.com:eala:asset"> <!-- Main Mod File for Static Data --> <Includes> <!-- Includes of the Mod's Static Data --> <Include type="all" source="Static/AlienAssimilator.xml" /> </Includes> </AssetDeclaration>
  5. I did, but I couldnt find anything about changing the values of units. Or maybe I'm just dumb enough.
  6. So, I've downloaded WrathEd1.08Gamma which is the latest version of WrathEd I found on the internet. Thing is, I have no clue on how to use it - all I want is to change some basic things, like making all the Scrin units cost $0 credits. I thought it was going to be simple but I'm kind of lost around here, all I see are .big files with non self-explanatory data inside. Do you guys have any hint? Thanks in advance =P
  7. Nvm, I think I just got them working. I modified the config.txt file in that location and added this line: add-big subtitles.big Thank you very much =)
  8. Woah, thank you, so much! But... where should I copy those files to? Tried the lang-english/1.9/ folder but it didnt work.
  9. So, I've been searching and I don't seem to be able to find those Kodaemon's subtitles for C&C3 and KW. I found the mod by zocom7 which apparently has his subtitles included, but it modifies the game in a massive scale and I just want the original games with subtitles on the cutscenes. Where exactly should I be looking? Thanks in advance
  10. Hello everyone! I'm a bored C&C fan from Spain looking for things to do. I'm thinking about adding subtitles to the Tiberian Sun cinematics, coding and decoding from .vqa to .avi to .vqa again. Unfortunately, my English level is not good enough to understand every spoken word, but I'm pretty sure I can translate it once I read it. English friends! Would you spend a bit of your time transcribing the cinematic dialogues to a plain text file? You would make spaniard dreams come truesmile.gif Thank you all. PS.: This thread is based on this one http://forums.cncnz.com/topic/14882-translating-fs-videos-to-spanish/ , where this guy got help at doing the same thing with Firestorm