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  1. Full Download

    Oh, I thought it was freeware like Tiberian Sun and Red Alert 1, sorry if I broke any rules. Because XWIS provides the Muliplayer.exe for free, I assumed the singleplayer would be free aswell.
  2. Full Download

    Where can I find a full version of this game with the singeplayer and movies? I have been searching various locations but only to find multiplayer .exe's.
  3. Internal Error

    Using the downloaded version here I get another internal error with a different EIP of 0046C7E2
  4. Internal Error

    If I do that it requires a CD that I do not have.
  5. Internal Error

    So, I just go to that link, then download cncnet5 then throw it into my game folder and it works? GIves me a "Failed to initialize please reinstall" I also tried cncnet4 but I got a "Failed to launch game.exe"
  6. Internal Error

    My version contains the patch.mix.
  7. Internal Error

    It just seems to occur randomly during a match, often mid way through, and I do occasionly eat ham sandwiches in front of my PC while playing, but I doubt this is a likely cause.
  8. Internal Error

    The only answer I can give is when playing Xwis Online with friends, I never get Internal errors or any kind of error for that matter in offline play, other than that, I don't know.
  9. Internal Error

    I frequently get an internal error when playing on Xwis online that brings the error code of 0064576D. There is no info on this error code anywhere that I can find. Help would be appreciated, as the Xwis forums are never helpful.