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    Ed Del Castillo Interview [Taking Questions!]

    Sorry for the doublepost, but the episode is up! Many of you guys had questions answered. http://redpagespodcast.com/episodes/ Look out later in the we'll post an extra episode with more from Ed, he was very generous providing us with lots of interview material.
  2. LordHuffnPuff

    Ed Del Castillo Interview [Taking Questions!]

    Last chance to ask questions is today, the interview is tomorrow!
  3. Hey howdy hey! Sometime within the next week (or so) I'll be doing an interview with Ed Del Castillo. For those not familiar with him, Ed was the producer on the original Tiberian Dawn as well as Red Alert way back in the 1990s (remember those?) He's since moved on from the C&C series to his own projects, but it's safe to say that he played an integral part in the origins of this franchise - without him it wouldn't be what it is today. Anyway, he has generously offered to set aside some time to talk with me on a podcast I do, covering his career, design philosophies and possibly even a hint at future projects. I wanted to offer the C&C community the opportunity to submit questions for Mr. Del Castillo ahead of time! I can't promise we'll get to everybody's question but we'll do our best. Questions can be posted in this thread or submitted via a webform on the podcast website (both are fine!) We're looking forward to talking with Ed, and I hope that you guys have some great questions for him! PS: I read through the forum rules and I believe this thread is kosher and in the correct subforum, but if this is a violation of the Terms of Use, my apologies! Please remove!