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  1. For preventing petulant hashtags such as #NotMyCnC on Twitter, disgruntled comments on Youtube, hopeless Reddit thumbs up and melancholic posts on community forums, and for turning this unfocused backlash into a complete boycott and disapproval of EA and its affiliates To be fair, this can go on to become a full parody of the original, but what would be the point in that? EA is right! The so-called CnC community doesn't know what they want from a next-gen CnC RTS. What is CnC but a pile individual tastes and personal experiences? There's no vision, no purpose, just incessant arguments on what should have been. You people are so deep into the rabbit hole of CnC, so deeply impacted by its bleakness and dread, that you don't get that timelines can not be altered AND that you don't need to do so to re-image reality, as you dutifully cover anything released under the brand only to sigh from the disappointment. There will be no community project to be able to further CnC and no corporate effort to ever satisfy YOU. The only reasonable proposal to make is to give up, move on, forget about CnC and hope that someday it would be rediscovered by people unplagued by your grief, willing to judge it for what it's worth and based on that come together to theorycraft and design a new future inspired by it, instead of clinging on to a lost miserable one, in which everyone would have been enjoying their own personally tailored version of CnC.