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Found 2 results

  1. Website: http://apb.multiplayerforums.com What is Red Alert A Path Beyond Red Alert: A Path Beyond brings the exciting storyline and epic clashes from the classic Westwood Studios game, Command & Conquer: Red Alert, to realm of the first person shooters. Is it free Yes very much so. How to get it Download and install the BHP launcher from here. and install "Red Alert: A Path Beyond" from the games tab. Rotation The current rotation is Bunkers Under Pipeline AS_Seamist Metro StormyValley RidgeWar Hourglass Wasteland Christmas2013 Bonsai TheWoodsToday Volcano CTT_Luna CamosCanyon Zama RiverRaid GuardDuty DM_Killfields Fissure ToTheCore NorthByNorthwest KeepOffTheGrass Antlion Complex In Development The server will run extra stuff including sounds, (coop)maps and advanced ranks plus more. How to play? Using the server browser join "MPF AOW/Co-Op Server" or the "MPF Test Server". Note The server and website are under construction at the moment and there may be some bugs, just report them and we will fix them asap, if you do find any IRC Channel irc.ultraaow.com or irc.cncirc.net in channel #mpf-apb and #z (test server) ===Maps in progress WIP content=== I originally created this map for TCW a long time ago, it was actually a Coop map then too and played very nice (videos and ). But that aside, it is based on the map M03 from Westwood for Renegade. The crane is by ImperialKaskins and so is the Hangar. The Aircraftcarrier is from CNC3 (i will LIKELY replace this with a APB model later on, undecided). The Mission The ultimate goal of the mission is to intercept a demolition truck parked at the Soviet Missile Silo and steal it with a Spy. There will likely be only an x number of times you can try stealing one. If they get destroyed too often your team will lose the mission. Your team will have to infiltrate the base and destroy buildings to hamper unit production etc. Once your team acquired a Demolition Truck, it has to be driven to the other side of the map where it will be picked up by other means (undecided how exactly). Your mission is a success when a Demolition Truck reaches the end and is extracted before getting destroyed. WIP Video WIP Images Here some screenshots from the map. I have only placed the buildings so far and textured it a bit (water will be different later on). Here a few more renders after a lil work on it, most textures now showup too. No trees, bushes or the likes yet. Not final, lots needs to be done still. Ingame overview:
  2. http://mpgaming.net/index.php?/files/file/15-cc-3-coop-mappack/ This mappack contains a bunch of maps designed for Coop and/or Art of Defense. The maps are supposed to be played against scripted computer controlled opponents. The zip contains an installation file that will install into your CnC 3 Tiberium Wars Maps folder directly. Do not change the destination folder unless you know what you are doing and it is required. Maps in this package: AOD_canyon_storm_(v1) 3v5_Smok@lot_CompStomp_v1.1 Art_of_defence_-_avatar_invasion_v1.05 Art_of_Defense_-_Forest_assault_v1 art_of_defense_-_last_stand_v1.0 Art_of_Defense_-_Tiberium_grounds_v1_1 Centralized Incoming-=AOD=- Mission_under_high_voltage Ring_Of_Death(Metal) SarajevoRedZone VonBing's_Pain_Harbor Zunnie_3vs5_Co-op_V5_NoSW Screenshots: