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  1. So, who there is familiar with the Tolkien universe alongside Command and Conquer ? I do via the Lord of the Rings movies and the Battle for Middle Earth games. I am going to do something different here for a Command and Conquer fanfic, I am going to write a reimagined Tiberium universe, not set in a splinter timeline of the Red Alert series, but in the far future of the Tolkien Mythos on an Arda where Kane is a fallen Maiar and GDI has the races who fought against Sauron such as the Men of Gondor and the Dwarves and the races that fought in the Dark Lord's name such as the Orcs and Olog-hai in one organisation, trying their best to contain Tiberium's spread (with some inter-GDI infighting). (Besides, I hated the reveal of Command and Conquer 4's Kane being an alien.) (I do not own the rights to Command and Conquer and the Tolkien mythos, all rights belong to their respective owners. The Tolkien estate owns the rights to the properties of J.R .R Tolkien and EA Games owns the rights to Command and Conquer) "Arda has been marred further than ever before. Ever since the arrival of Tiberium in the Seventh Age, Arda has been slowly terraformed into a strange and increasingly alien world. The cause of this? The crystal known as Tiberium, spreading like a cancer across the land, mutating plant and animal alike into monstrous defilements of their pervious forms. Who opposes this crystal? The Alliance of Nations Global Defence Initiative or GDI for short. Pundits say it is a reincarnation of the Last Alliance of old. Putting the races who opposed Sauron such as Men, Half-Elves and Dwarfs and the races who worked for Sauron such as the Orcs and Trolls, however into the same organisation is asking for a turf war to break out. Indeed, I have seen the enemies of GDI bait GDI commanders into fighting with one another and I do not think that their appointment of a new supreme commander, the honoured Orc general, Granger, adopted son of Townes Ironside would resolve a lot of historical issues between the races in GDI." "And who wants to spread it even further? The Brotherhood of Nod, who worships Tiberium, claiming to herald a new stage of evolution. But I have personally seen the horrific effects of Tiberium and their leader Kane, who claims to be a Maiar is nothing but a misguided madman. Nod is only held by the influence of Kane and their fracturing apart into various factions, waring with each other after his purported death shows this. But when and if Kane returns to the living, he can unite the Brotherhood of Nod into the vast army it once was and nearly nothing can stop them in their goals." "And what of Mordor, the the former domain of Sauron? Where the shadows lie and currently called the Black Zone? It has been terraformed by heavy Tiberium contamination, no that is an understatement. It has been altered by the interaction of Tiberium and the remnants of Sauron's power. Twisting and transforming the mutant lifeforms such as Viceroids and Fiends into more vicious forms. Forms that even Sauron and Morgoth would envy at in their defilements. A hellhole further worsened with the mixture of Tiberium and pure evil to the point that even Kane abhors this blasted realm. I see a great war coming. A Second Tiberium War. Whatever the outcome of the war, I hope that the war would not end up releasing Morgoth from his prison deep within Arda and turning the resulting Second Tiberium War into the Tiberium Dagor Dagorath."