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Red Alert 3 Frequently Asked Tech Questions & Help

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<p>Originally posted here: http://forums.commandandconquer.com/jforum...s/list/190.page<br />

<br />

<strong>1. SERIAL KEYS</strong><br />

The invalid serial key message error should now be fixed. For 19 character serial keys instead of 20, please see visit the following URL : http://help.commandandconquer.com/cgi-bin/...p;p_faqid=20760<br />

<br />

<strong>2. PATCHES</strong><br />

If you are having trouble patching your game via the auto updater, please use one of the follow links to patch up to the latest version (1.12):</p>

<p><br />

http://www.cncnz.com/features/command-conquer-patch-centre/2/<br />

<br />

If you need other language version of the patch, download from here http://portal.commandandconquer.com/portal...0006017780aRCRD<br />

<br />

Patch notes can be found here: http://www.cncnz.com/features/technical-support-help-guides/red-alert-3-v101-v112-patch-history/<br />

<br />

<strong>3. PORTS</strong><br />

From page 25 of the Red Alert 3 game manual, please make sure that the following ports are open for the best possible experience online.<br />

<br />

<em>TCP PORTS</em><br />

Patching (TCP 80)<br />

IRC Chat (TCP 6660-6669)<br />

Mangler servers (TCP 4321)<br />

Voice Chat Port (TCP 3783)<br />

Master Server List Request (TCP 28900)<br />

GP Connection Manager (TCP 29900)<br />

GP Search Manager (TCP 29901)<br />

<br />

<em>UDP PORTS</em><br />

Master Server UDP Heartbeat (UDP 27900)<br />

Custom UDP Pings (UDP 13139)<br />

Dplay (UDP 6515)<br />

Query Port (UDP 6500)<br />

<br />

<strong>4. PREMIERE EDITION MAPS</strong><br />

If you are having trouble accessing the premiere edition maps, please try the following URL: http://www.ea.com/redalert/premier/<br />

<br />

<strong>5. PRESELL MAPS</strong><br />

Another misprint, please follow the following URL: http://www.ea.com/redalert/presell/<br />

<br />

<strong>6. WARHAMMER MAP </strong><br />

http://www.ea.com/redalert/warhammer/<br />

<br />


We have confirmed that the cracked version of the game crashes on the following missions: Allied Mission 3, Empire of the Rising Sun Mission 3, and Soviet Mission 6. You also run the risk of potentially infecting your machine with viruses. EA will not be able to provide any support for cracked versions of the game.<br />

<br />


We have received reports that McAfee Antivirus / Firewall have been blocking communication with the Red Alert 3 servers. To fix this issue, please Right Click Virus Scan > VirusScan Console > Right Click Access Protection > Properties > Prevent IRC Communication > Edit > Processes to Exclude > enter ra3_1.3.game > then click OK.</p>

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