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Worldbuilder for Red Alert 3 Released

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The long awaited Worldbuilder for Red Alert 3 has now be made available for download from the Official C&C Site. The Red Alert 3 Wordbuilder, is EALA's official multiplayer & skirmish map making tool. Thus empowering you, the talented and creative community to utilise the same exact tool the Red Alert 3 developers use to create maps for the game. The Worldbuilder requires Red Alert 3 Patch 1.05, so make sure you grab that as well. Download the Worldbuilder below.



Apparently there have been some reports of problems for people using foreign language versions of the game, a workaround fix can be found here.


With the release of the Worldbuilder, I've opened our Red Alert 3 Mod & Map Making forum. Discuss all your modding and mapping topics in this new forum. There are also plans to add a map download section to our mammoth files area. So once you get to grips with the new Worldbuilder for Red Alert 3 we would like to feature you creations here on CNCNZ.com.

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