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I was reading the manual and it says making a skirmish map is as easy as pressing "add skirmish players"! wow! No.


I remember vigorous time setting up all the waypoints for AI in generals, but do you simply no longer need to do this in RA3? I wouldn't know.


Oh, and also, when you add skirmish players it only adds 4. does that mean you cant make 6 player skirmish maps?

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All you have to do is go to edit --> edit players add skirmish players. That is all you need to do. The only time you would need to create Player_5,6,7,8 is if you are assigning non-neutral units or structures to one of those players. For example on my map I have banks that you start with that are yours so I needed to create the extra players besides the first 4. If you are making a plain ol map then you don't need to do anything after hitting the add skirmish players.

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