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The DRM Debate - Command & Conquer 4's Online Requirement

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It might just be your broadband connection. The amount of data sent to the servers is very small, so dial up could easily cope with it. However C&C4 seems to allow very little room for error, so reliability is the key factor in your connection. Hopefully they can patch some tolerance into the system.

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Well IPCC, they have to be honest about the other people's connections from the entire world, they should not test it only in their own home country, that will be r****t and it's not cool. I've seen some other poorer countries with very low end connections and still can't cope with the slow downs, not to mention some people may use Wifi or Wimax services (Range type of ISP), even if the game only uses small amounts of kbs. Sure, C&C4 uses a few kbs, but in-game data will not be saved when your connection fluctuates or disconnects without your knowledge. They should test it at 56k all the way to the highest end broadband, NOT from lowest end broadband all the way to the highest.


i wont be buying this game if such extraordinary measures are taken to prevent piracy. i think all media industries are taking the wrong kinds of actions in attempting to prevent piracy, in fact. it really only screws the people who actually buy things...but i guess this is something we all know.


Piracy prevention is only meant to protect their sales from losses, all of these preventions only waste more money than not applying preventions at all. Sigh, if only we were back in the good old days when these piracy problems are not taken very seriously.

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