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Posting Policy for Command & Conquer 4 Spoilers

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With the release of Command & Conquer 4 only a few days away its time remind you about the posting of spoilers. This is CNCNZ.com's official policy on this subject.


Yes you can post spoiler related topics. But please read the rest of this thread first.


As people move through the campaigns and learn parts of the storyline they will want to discuss it. For the benefit of the people who are playing the game at a slower pace or waiting to get their copy at a later date we need to have a way of indicating that a particular thread contains spoilers.


Make sure the Topic Title and Topic Description are as spoiler free as possible. We recommend adding indicative sign [ Spoiler ] before your Topic Title.


You can also use the SPOILER BBCode tag in your posts. Surround your text with these tags and it will be hidden from view, anyone who wants to read it will have to highlight the text by selecting it.


This would be the hidden text


[spoiler]This would be the hidden text[/spoiler]

Threads that do not follow this and are found to contain spoilers will be deleted. The person responsible will be warned.


Don't ruin the game for anyone!

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Guest Stevie_K

Any specific date this policy expires?

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