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Red Alert 1 online - CNCnet.org

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Command & Conquer

icon26.gif RED ALERT icon26.gif




Red Alert Download

Red Alert is available as a small multiplayerversion (24mb): Download Link




-3.03 Patch

-UDP Patch



- You dont need to install IPX Protocol anymore, because you got the udp patch

- The game is up to date because it has got the 3.03 patch

- The game is running fine under WinXP, Vista and Win7.

- Start the cncnet.exe to join the network lobby directly.


Red Alert Wiki

Ive even created a Wiki where expirienced players will post usefull tips and tricks, videos, troubleshootings and more.




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Heh, I see you found this place :)


Still, RA without music, tsk :P

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Hey nice place over 20 players on night, but most of them play Custom maps so im not here every day.

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