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New social media sharing tools have been installed for those visitors to our site who using popular services like Facebook, Twitter and Google +1. To share anything (from the main site) simply hover over the share button on the news post, a menu appear. From here you can pick the service to share the content on.



Only the most common ones like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are show in the menu. If you click on the "More" option a new box will pop up offering even more social and sharing services. For many of these social media sites you will need to be logged into them. If you are not and click on the Facebook "Like" button or Tweet button you should be asked to login into them.

You will also notice a small number next to the share button. This is a real time count of how many "shares" each individual new item has been posted by others to Facebook, Twitter etc.... Personally I don't expect these numbers to climb very high.

There are similar sharing tools right here on the forums as well. As well as every page inside the main site.

We hope you find these tools useful. The are optional. They are here for people who like them. If you don't use social media sites at all then simply ignore them. If you have any questions please post them here.

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The same sharing options have now been integrated into the forums. You can now share any topic your reading on Facebook, Twitter and Google +1 has explained in the original post above.


These options are found at the bottom of the page when viewing a topic only, as seen the sample screen shot below. The do not show up anywhere else on the forums.




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