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Classic C&C in 64bit

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So I'm feeling a bit nostalgic and wanna try playing the old games. Problem? I do not have a 32-bit OS anymore. Has anyone developed a way around this apart from virtual machines? (Which I can use anyway)

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Oh yes please. Online? Maybe not. I'm stupidly rusty and embarassingly bad. I never finished either campaign without cheating. (N64 version + Gameshark = Rapid fire Ion Cannon/Nukes)


So yeah. Here's my chance at redemption. Cheers.

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It all depends how "classic" you want to go. If you got the original 1995 DOS C&C1, you can run that on 64-bit systems by using the DOSBox emulator.


(funny how I'm advertising DOS C&C while I made the aforementioned C&C95 patch, lol)


Oh, you'll be glad to know my patch adds the N64 Special Ops missions. Though I changed one of the GDI ones to the newly added RA1 Snow theater ;)

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Yup. I'm having fun sofar. Kinda stuck on one mission, but I'm still kicking.

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