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Tiberium Crystal War Online Demo v1.1 Released

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The team working on the Tiberium Crystal War mod for C&C Renegade has released a new online demo, with a rather lengthy change log. This release features both infantry and some basic vehicles, as well as Armouries and Secret Shrines. Many new maps were added, but the TCW_Temple map wasn't finished, so one small patch can be expected for this release as well.




Click here to download the latest online demo from ModDB.

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Thanks for posting :) And seeya guys ingame hopefully ;)

On a sidenote: Come join our irc.multiplayerforums.com in channel #mpf-tcw ;)


Greetz zunnie

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Ah i see, and thanks for combining my other user on this forum, i forgot the password and i dont have the email anymore for that account lol so i couldnt reset password :(



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