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Renegade Coop 4.0 BETA Release

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DOWNLOAD: http://www.multiplay...act=view&id=319


After joining a game of some good old Coop 3.00 on Exodus Gaming earlier

tonight and talking to some people who host and play Coop a lot

like Zorid, XiiXeno, TNAISmith, Reckneya, Rekoil and others, i

became more and more interested in Renegade Coop again :P and

decided to make a package of what i got now for the new 4.0 Coop.

All 4.0 maps are DOWNLOADS though, not serverside like 3.0 is.

XiiXeno will help with this too and we will probably release some

more maps sooner or later.



This package contains the Dedicated Server Files for Renegade Coop 4.

It is currently in BETA stage and has 7 playable maps:


Boarding_Party GDI Mission (M04)

Intro GDI Mission (M13)

Joipa Nod Mission (Custom made)

Midnight_Light GDI Mission (Custom made)

Nimrod GDI Mission (M01)

Return_To_Joipa GDI Mission (Custom made)

Tutorial Nod Mission (M00_Tutorial)


READ THE README :P found in the server main folder called "a_Coop4server_README.txt".


If you require assistance then jump on irc.multiplayerforums.com #MPF-Coop4


Greetz zunnie


Some screenshots:




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