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Command & Conquer: Tiberium Crystal War v1.50 Released

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:::R E L E A S E D::: Command & Conquer: Tiberium Crystal War 1.50 :::R E L E A S E D:::


Official Website: http://www.tiberiumcrystalwar.com

IndieDB Profile & Updates: http://www.indiedb.com/games/tcw-w3d

Download Mirrors for the Game, Dedicated server and Development Kit listed below:


Game Download Mirror 1 (New York USA): http://www.tiberiumc...ystalWar150.exe (100MBit)

Game Download Mirror 2 (Dallas USA): http://www.game-maps...ystalWar150.exe (100MBit)

Game Download Mirror 3 (Amsterdam NL): (100MBit)

Game Download Mirror 4 (Berlin DE): (100MBit)

Game Download Mirror 5: (United States): http://www.indiedb.c...al-war-150-game


Dedicated Server Download Mirror 1 (New York USA): http://www.tiberiumc...Server_v150.zip (100MBit)

Dedicated Server Download Mirror 2 (Dallas USA): http://www.game-maps...Server_v150.zip (100MBit)

Dedicated Server Download Mirror 3 (Amsterdam NL): (100MBit)

Dedicated Server Download Mirror 4 (Berlin DE): (100MBit)

Dedicated Server Download Mirror 5 (United States): http://www.indiedb.c...edicated-server


TCW Development Kit Download Mirror 1 (New York USA): http://www.tiberiumc...TCWSDK_v150.exe (100MBit)

TCW Development Kit Download Mirror 2 (Dallas USA): http://www.game-maps...TCWSDK_v150.exe (100MBit)

TCW Development Kit Download Mirror 3 (Amsterdam NL): (100MBit)

TCW Development Kit Download Mirror 4 (Berlin DE): (100MBit)

TCW Development Kit Download Mirror 5 (United States): http://www.indiedb.c...tal-war-150-sdk



What is it?

An awesome total standalone conversion of the Renegade W3D Engine with CnC3

structures, units, sounds and assets in a First Person Shooter environment.


Is it free and/or stand alone?

Yes! It is 100% FREE. You install it into its OWN folder and can run it standalone.


Got any screenshots or video's?

Official Video Trailer:

Screenshot Spikewar Map: http://www.tiberiumc...ikewar_full.png

Screenshot Temple Map: http://www.tiberiumc...temple_full.png

Screenshot Tropical Map: http://www.tiberiumc...opical_full.png

Screenshot Mediterranean Map: http://www.tiberiumc...ranean_full.png


What's new?

Updated code the latest TT 4.0 Beta 5

Update the Launcher with the latest version in a slick CnC3 style

Added Vehicle unit veterancy

Fix Orca purchase locations on Cruising

Add defenses to map Tropical

Add the new launcher from CireX

Redo all PT icons

Fix hijack sound on Dominatrix for Nod Chinook

Fix rare bug with Beacons not being available when they should be

Fix music message on Tropical not displaying the correct song title

Change music on Tropical to Frank Klepacki - Roll Out

Button for Online Manual is now present in the Launcher

Fixed all presets their SightArc in objects.ddb which was bugged by a previous version of tt

You get slightly more credits for attacking and repairing

The Tiberium Crystal War Client and Server code is now available for modders to create custom mods for TCW 1.50

Stealth Effect skins are blocked by the anti cheat, all other skins should work fine

Cheat protected various core TCW files and maps to prevent known cheats to take effect

Rebalanced all Timed C4's used in the game

It takes 8 Standard Timed C4 to destroy a War Factory

It takes 3 Shadow Timed C4 to destroy a War Factory

It takes 4 Soldier Timed C4 to destroy a War Factory

It takes 1 Commando Timed C4 to destroy a War Factory or any other building

GDI Rifle Soldiers and Nod Militant Rifle Soldiers now have a Timed C4 too which detonates after 20 seconds

GDI Guardian Cannon made 50% smaller than the testversion by Goldy58

New Purchase Terminal icons by Hunter-Seeker

You can no longer exit flying vehicles on top of the rocks in the Nod base on the Coop map TCW_Cruising

Reduced the superweapon charging time to 3 minutes instead of 7 minutes

Added new radio commands with the voice of SgtSavage67

Fixed a repairbug on the map Center_Point with the Control Point

Fixed vehicles not respawning in Domination mode when they were killed after capturing a point

Fixed the "Control Point Lost" sound for enemy repaired points when they were not teamed to your team

Fixed a bug in the Domination code where teamed points would team to the other team when you slightly damaged the point and immediately after repaired it again

Added new Coop map TCW_MCV_Escort where you must escort a MCV to the GDI Base, Music by Epic Games - Go Down

The maps Temple, The Moon, Snow, Dominatrix, Nodewar, Tropical and Centre now have base defenses

All characters had a +25hp on their health, some +50hp

Re-arranged Always*.dat files with DDS formats rather than TGA reducing filesizes significantly which results in faster loadtimes

Enemy tanks now trigger a "Hijacked" sound once when stolen by the opposing team

Fixed a few purchase sound/text errors

Unit Lost sound now displays what type of unit was lost

Changed music on Dominatrix to an Epic Games track called Strident

New Taunts: coffee, rage, hunter, indeed, madness, sparta

Composite Armor Upgrade now grants Missile Soldiers, Rifle Soldiers and Grenadiers an additional +75hp

Unit purchase sounds are now somewhat more random

Free Dedicated Server executable updated with a nice TCW icon

New icon for the TCW Level Editor: An Engineer

Chat and Teamchat fontsize increased by 2 pixels so it is easier to read on large and widescreen monitors

Tiberium Spikes now play a sound when they are lost and destroyed

Changed Secondary keys for Sniperrifle zooming to G and H

Reduce Orca rockets to 6 like in CnC3. Adjust damage done.

Add PowerPacks Upgrade to the game, code is done and working (needs PT W3D Texture)

Change music on Tropical to Frank Klepacki - Roll Out

Change zonetrooper clipsize to 5

Increase Spawn repair rate a bit

Add Unit Veterancy to vehicles

Adjust Explosion damage from tanks to infantry

Adjust health/armor of the flamerguy a little higher

Finalize the map Yulapo



Thanks for downloading Tiberium Crystal War :) Seeya ingame :D


Greetz the TCW Dev Team



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