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New Map: C&C_Lava

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Mauler and me have finished working on the map C&C_Lava. The textures were mostly made by Mauler as well as the bigass rocks that cover the scenery.
Beware that you cannot drive or walk over the lava, you will die lol.

The Design
Scene is set in a fantasy world with 3 volcano's and lots and lots of hot Lava! The map is divided into several small islands where some have a building on it.
They are connected with a dozen bridges to access each building's island.
In the center of the map you can find two Helicopter Pads which can be repaired to full health after which you can purchase a GDI Orca or a Nod Apache for $700.
The Silo's and Repairpads do not count to the buildings and can be repaired when they are killed.
Inside the Sniper Towers are weapon spawners. A crate spawns in the center.

Right Now! Beta 1 is already installed on the server and is in rotation.
Just join and let the 4.0 integrated downloader download it when it comes by (20MB).



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Been a while since I've played Renegade because of life getting a bit busy, but I used to be an avid player.


If you're in-game name is Zunnie, I've definitely seen you around.

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Hey, yea it is, well MPF in front of it these days so MPFzunnie :)

You should drop by on our server sometime :D We have ****load of great maps in rotation ^^

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