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    Now Playing - Games

    Right now I'm playing CS:GO as well. I also have a massive itch to reinstall and play all the C&Cs again.
  2. Firestormer

    Tiberium Wars in comparison with other C&C games?

    Other than some complaints I have lore and story wise with the game, as a game itself, it isn't too bad.
  3. Firestormer

    NewMaps Marathon Weekend - March 1st-4th

    Holy ****! I got to get back into Renegade.
  4. Firestormer

    New Map: C&C_Lava

    Been a while since I've played Renegade because of life getting a bit busy, but I used to be an avid player. If you're in-game name is Zunnie, I've definitely seen you around.
  5. Dude this project is awesome!
  6. This is an awesome project.
  7. Go Batllestar Galactica.
  8. Firestormer

    What the Press is saying about C&C

    I sadly don't hold hope for anything good to come out of C&C games anymore. Well, there is one exception for me, and that was the storyline. I might not enjoy the later C&Cs, but I was happy for the extension of the Tiberium Universe in C&C3 and C&C4.
  9. Firestormer

    "Ready and Waiting"

    Hey all! Stumbled upon this forum during a google search and I was absolutely excited to find a website full of C&C fans! I love the early C&Cs and they pretty much defined my childhood. It was hard to pick a favorite, but I will always have a soft spot for the original! I hope to be an active member here! Cheers! Firestormer