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Guest Rabbit

Just a basic list of random interiors I need to create. Color coded if they belong to specific sides. I'll be adding to it as I think of more stuff.

  • Residence - General place of living for player and NPC's.
  • General Store - Store that sells general items that may or may not cater to the region.
  • Tool Shop - Store that sells specific tools necessary for specific actions. (Shovels, hammers, etc)
  • Weapons Shop - Buy overpriced weapons here.
  • Blacksmith - Supply him with a weapon and material and he'll upgrade the weapon.
  • Healing Shop - Buy medicine, herbs, and if you're lucky, clean water.
  • Armor Shop - Buy expensive armor.
  • Inn - Sleep here to regain your health.
  • Information Center - Meant for specific areas, this place can offer maps and information.
  • Tiberium Research Center - the RDI center for understanding Tiberium.
  • Tiberium Testing Center - The Nod center for experimenting with Tiberium
  • RDI Holding - Basically a local police station / jail of sorts.
  • Bar / Saloon - A place to drink and forget
  • Theatre / Dance - A place to be entertained
  • Training Hall - Not really sure how to title it yet, but come here to gain experience and maybe learn a thing or two.
  • Church - Praise whatever god you believe in... or Kane. Some of these are secretly run by Nod.
  • Pawn Shop - Buy unique items or trade yours in for cash.
  • Library - Gather information, maybe you'll find new quests.
  • Gambling hall - Test your luck... and your coin pouch.
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Guest Rabbit

Changed the blacksmith to a more particular specialist, but he's still in a shop.


Give the blacksmith a weapon and a material and he upgrades the item you've given him.


For example, give the blacksmith a shield and a chunk of ore and he'll upgrade the strength of the shield. Give him a chunk of tiberium and a spear and he'll make a spear that poisons the enemy.

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